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The New World Order...
Greaney at 8:32PM, Jan. 30, 2008
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Watch the south park episode:

“The Mystery of the Urinal Deuce”
and all will become clear
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ozoneocean at 4:47AM, Jan. 31, 2008
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I also think there is also alot of disinfo going on.

I believe the NWO exists.

But the stuff that sound too outrageous sound like disinfo to me. Think about it. If I am the supreme dictator of the world, how would I discredit or get rid of those who blow the whistle on my evil plans?

solution 1: round em up and shoot em or imprison em Stalin style
Not a good idea. It will only validate my opponents. It will only put me in a bad position and threatens my power.

However it may seem ok only against targeted specific individuals who know too much. Such as those who can provide details of what is really going on in area 51.

solution 2: Spread disinformation
A more peaceful solution because no need to round em up. Saves bullets and jail space and land. Those bodies need to be dumped somewhere.

All I have to do is have my propaganda machine spread disinfo about crazy theories such as:
- The earth is secretly controlled by reptoids. The general public's reaction would be like: ‘AHAHAHAHA WHAT KIND OF CRACKPOT THINKS AND BELIEVES THAT SPACE LIZARDS ACTUALLY CONTROL THE WORLD!!!’

- 9-11 was caused by small nukes or an alien space beam or super secret technology that uses sound or light or chakra or anything. There was really no plane really hit the WTC. The public reaction: “WHAT KIND OF IDIOTS THESE CONSPIRACY THEORISTS ARE?!? EVERYONE SAW THAT A PLANE HIT THE WTC!!!”

Think about it. The illuminati are not illumanti for nothing. If I can think of clever ways to protect my dictatorship, then what more with them.
I think that sounds more like you're trying too justify or add some validity (even as “dis-info”), to those crazy theories. The other more obvious answer is that reptiods are a silly, improbable idea and the World Trade Centre was just such a nasty event that people have a hard time accepting.

And there is no world government.

Heh, the notion of things being too horrible to accept normally is pretty common actually. The assassination of John F Kennedy could have been a strange conspiracy, especially since his brother died much the same way not that long after, but it's also food for wild speculation. To a lessor extent the death of John Lennon, even the attempt on Pope John Paul II's life is attributed from everything to the CIA, the Mafia, the KGB…

In Australia we have a LOOOOOOoooong running, much involved conspiracy speculation about the loss of the cruiser HMS Sydney. ALL sorts of STUPID, crazy ideas, all based around the fact that this warship went down with all hands and only German witnesses. These idiots don't seem to understand that warships can do that: the Hood was destroyed by a single lucky hit to the magazine with the loss of 1,415 lives and only 3 survivors, so all 645 dead on a smaller, lessor armed and armoured vessel without any support what so ever is hardly unthinkable, considering. And yet crazy theories still persist.

Face it: horrible and unlucky thinks happen without the need of interference or help from outside agencies. That's just how life can be sometimes,
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kyupol at 7:38AM, Jan. 31, 2008
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And there is no world government.

There is no world government. I could agree with that and hopefully it will stay that way.

But there are powers out there who are working to achieve something like this. If not for heroes like Alex Jones, Michael Moore, etc. their plans would have come into being a long long time ago.

You know at first I was doubtful and even laughing when I watched that “Loose Change” film.

But the existence of The Bohemian Grove proved otherwise.

There are evil forces out there.

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StaceyMontgomery at 8:48AM, Jan. 31, 2008
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Well, there is no world government yet, but the world is getting smaller.


And it makes a difference.

Look at it this way. It used to be that people on other continents did whatever they wanted, and you didn't know, and you didn't care. Of course, you DO know what your neighbors are doing, and you care. You care if they fight all the time. You care if they steal. You care if they are kind and generous. You care if they set a lot of fire and pour sewage into the brook you drink from.

That's why people invent governments - to help everyone get along locally.

But “locally” changes every year. Other continents seem much closer. We can see them and talk to them, you can visit them in just hours. And it matters more and more how they get along, and what they pour into the water, and so on.

As the world gets smaller, we will get closer and closer to having not just a “global village” but a global government. That's actually inevitable. It doesn't need conspiracies or anything else to make it happen. We are watching it happen.

If you don't like it, you need to propose some real alternatives. Just saying “I don't like it!” is about as useful as spitting into the wind or cursing the darkness.
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horseboy at 3:04PM, Jan. 31, 2008
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I discovered that most of these people were not anti-government, anarchists, or crackpots — about 80%-90% of any given group considered themselves to be staunch Constitutionalists and that the formation of militias was an act of “collective defense” made necessary by the actions of the federal government at Waco and Ruby Ridge. Here, they believed that excessive violence had been used in the pursuit of gun control, resulting in unnecessary civilian deaths, and as gun owners they saw this as a direct threat possibly to their own lives and/or civil rights.

HA! I remember back then I had this T-shirt that had an “ATF” logo on it right in the middle of a pair of cross hairs with the caption “Support your local militia.” Oh, good times, good times.

I do not believe in One “Shadow government that rules the world”. I believe that there are actually several different groups attempting to gain such a title. I also believe that they've been trying for a VERY long time. Further, I should probably stop playing so much Call of Cthulthu. ;)
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TitanOne at 12:22AM, Feb. 2, 2008
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But the existence of The Bohemian Grove proved otherwise.

There are evil forces out there.

Again, as in the case of the CFR, Bohemian Grove is real.

On the other hand we don't really know what goes on in there. Alex Jones is something of a sensationalist, and he's the only source.
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