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The Prestige
Hawk at 7:51PM, Nov. 7, 2006
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Did anybody watch The Prestige?

I thought it was a pretty good movie and really interesting. Clever, too. You could easily tell it was directed by the Batman Begins guy because the entire movie is out of order and you're always guessing what time period it is.

But as another movie that shows how an obsession can ruin your life, this one chose a fascinating obsession and time period. In the early 1900's two performing magicians form a rivalry that quickly becomes ugly. As each magician stuggles to top the other, they soon find themselves paying high prices to get ahead. The end result kept me thinking for days.

If you do go watch this movie, watch it carefully. Some details will slip right on by if you're not paying good attention.
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Eggbert at 12:29PM, Nov. 8, 2006
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This movie was fantastic. It think it might be the plot twistiest movie ever. I kept thinking it was going to end, that the final twist had been revealed, but no! There is another, and another!

I thought about it for days after as well. Wonderful movie.
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Eviltwinpixie at 1:31PM, Nov. 8, 2006
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I adored the stage magician theme, and I adored the time period. I guessed a lot of the twists before they happened, but to me that's not a downside- it's part of the fun. And there were a lot of twists that caught me off guard, too. :)

I really loved it. I'll be seeing it again as soon as it's on DVD, and I can't wait. ^_^
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hpkomic at 2:05PM, Nov. 8, 2006
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I really want to see David Bowie is Tesla.
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alejkhan at 4:25PM, Nov. 8, 2006
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It's David Bowie and his assistant Gollum. And the Sherif of Rottingham is a lawyer…….. So many great character actors in this. And I was totally caught up in one twist that I completely forgot to deal with the others, just like in a magic trick. It was visually rich and my mind was sore for a few days rationalizing/dealing with the whole thing. As my friend put it, ‘I will never be able to look at a tophat the same again’.
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hpkomic at 11:56PM, Nov. 8, 2006
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From what I read though, Tesla events are switched around. Not that I mind, as long as Tesla is just as awesome.
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Mazoo at 1:34PM, Nov. 9, 2006
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I thought this movie looked really good. When I first saw trailers for it, I thought it was another ad for The Illusionist, another movie that I would like to see. I have not seen either, though.
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