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The prodigal son re-.... Oh forget it, I'm back.
LegalxDrug at 10:06AM, April 19, 2010
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*PHEW* College is nearing it's end for this year. Never again will I over load my plate with classes. O.O;
Oh… My… God….
I found my mind!
It was in my hand the entire time!
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Erad at 3:54PM, April 19, 2010
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Amen Legal!

School has a habit of overdoing it easily since most classes schedule important things (essays, tests, etc…) around the same time!

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TokyoRose at 7:40PM, April 19, 2010
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Geyaa…school is such murder on the brain…glad you survived and welcome back. ^^
Forgive your enemies, it messes with their head.
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