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The Pros and Cons of technology... Technophobe or Technophile?
cartoonprofessor at 8:58PM, Feb. 9, 2008
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Like most people, I used to draw my comic pages or strips, etc, traditionally…

ie; pencil and ink on paper.

In my younger years I used to daydream of a time when I could create characters and scenes by working directly on a computer screen with some kind of pen device.

(I even asked an engineering freind if he could a build on for me)

Today we have the ability to not only do just that with a wacom, but to also make the whole process of producing a comic relatively time-efficient by using 3D programs, etc.

However to get to this time-efficient stage, one must spend much time learning the technology in order to use it effectively.

I personally decided to try and go time efficient by using a combination of 3D and 2D programs, Carrara and Photoshop.

Every panel requires the basic shapes of the main characters to be rotated and positioned, then the camera angle, position, lighting, etc, etc, etc.

(The characters don't have facial features, ears, hair, hands, feet, etc… essentially, very simple ‘roughs’ finished off ‘traditionally’ in photoshop)

Sometimes, after repositioning a ‘shot’ for the twentieth time, rendering it, resizing the panel, then realizing Min's head is still not quite at the right angle for that expression, I think, “Why don't I just draw them from scratch?”

Am I limiting my creativity by using technology, or expanding it?

I like to think the latter, but sometimes feel I am missing the ‘feel’ of a hand-drawn illustration.

Who else here is always looking for a way to speed up the creative process, maybe at the risk of prolonging it and maybe even losing that rawness and ‘edge’ of pen and paper?

Or will you stop drawing ‘traditionally’ when hell freezes over?

Technophobe or Technophile? Which are you?
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imshard at 9:14PM, Feb. 9, 2008
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meh half and half. I hand draw my roughs then scan ‘em in and finish ’em off.
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Chernobog at 12:38AM, Feb. 10, 2008
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I would describe myself readily as something of a luddite. It's not that I can't appreciate some forms of technology, but when improvements become a matter of putting an alarm clock in a refridgerator, I stop paying attention. Technology and I don't get along very well. Things fail erratically, give nonsensical error messages that don't explain anything, or are intended to make things easier, but do the opposite. Not all do this, but some are more prone than others it seems.

I think my main issue really isn't even that. The more technological advances are made, the greater tendency people come to rely on them and become invalids when they're without. I could even say technology can make people distant and deny the human experience, which leads to further isolation. I would say a lot of people in my area suffer from perpetual ‘cellphoneitis’, where it becomes so important to let your clique know what muffin you had for breakfast that you become blind to what's around you.
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alibaba at 12:46PM, Feb. 10, 2008
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i think new technologies (regarding cg) are often overestimated.
computers are great tools and can certainly make some workphases a lot more efficient, but they are still only tools, just like all traditional tools.

what i'm trying to say is that certain things can be done much better and easier with computers, but some without.

for example, i generally draw everything on real paper, simply because i'm not restricted to a low-res monitor (well, compared to reality, every monitor is low-res XD). so i have a much better overview and can work more quickly and accurately especially on complex scenes and backgrounds.

i try to use the computer for retouch and all kinds of improvements and/ or coloring, but it really depends on what i want to achieve.
not to say that i don't love cg'ing, i totally do, but there's no way it could replace traditional, they are completely different beasts.
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