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Chelano at 10:10AM, Aug. 15, 2006
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The story line was pretty cool. The acting was kinda bad. There wasn't really any jumpy parts. But a lot to make you think and get scared.

This movie was a remake of a Japanese horror film.

Has anyone seen the original? Curious how it is.
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skoolmunkee at 12:33PM, Aug. 15, 2006
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I think I might have seen the original. Was it about the Internet (sort of) and people disappearing and at the end there was no one left?

If it's that one, it wasn't very good in the original. It was a really good concept that could have been executed better. It was very slow and sometimes it wasn't obvious what was going on. I hate to admit it but I actually fell asleep in the theater about halfway through and only woke up right near the end. :( I'm usually very good at following along with movies and being forgiving, too.
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BigFishComic at 9:54AM, Aug. 16, 2006
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I just saw the original a few weeks ago and it's okay I guess. Not really scary because a lot of it is broad daylight and they don't really make use of suspense. I completely missed the point of the red tape and how the people kept disappearing.

you really don't give a damn about any of the characters so it doesn't really affect you when they die.

…what WAS the point of the red tape and that secret room or whatever it was called?
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Chelano at 12:51PM, Aug. 16, 2006
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ahhh i see. Oh well. Back to the “find a good scary movie that is coming out” board
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stardusty at 3:33PM, Aug. 18, 2006
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I saw both the original and remake, and both were pretty confusing and ended depressingly. The original bored my boyfriend to peices and he liked the american remake a lot better, but I just thought they were different. Both were alright, but the american one was more flashy and in-your-face.

My favorite part though was hearing all the pre-teen girls in the audience screaming and freaking the hell out. I laughed.
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