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The Rapture.
blindsk at 12:11AM, May 24, 2011
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We know there are other moons and we know that our sun is a star and that there are many others out there (We can even see them). But we still call Luna and Sol “The Moon” and “The Sun”.

Well, sorry to get technical here, but “moons” are more often referred to as satellites anyway.

But yeah, I guess that's why we started naming these other stars/moons after strange things because “The X” was already taken!
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bravo1102 at 1:24AM, May 24, 2011
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Apparently it's still on. They've just moved the date back until October.

Woo hoo! I thought I'd missed it!

The Rapture was 6pm May 21. The Tribulation is supposed to last until October where those remaining go through the worst of the worst of the worst until the Anti-Christ does battle and everybody dies and the world is reduced to a charred cinder that the Messiah will remake into a Paradise for those previously Raptured. The world doesn't actually end, it is remade. People lose sight of that when looking at End Times prophecy. Not saved? It's the end of your world. But there's always the saved. And some writings say that eventually even the Anti-Christ will be forgiven after a 1000 years in a buring pit and join Christ in the Paradise of the remade world.

But wait back-pedalling- it was a spiritual Judgement Day and not an actual Rapture just like it was in 1844. Miller used the exact same excuse. But the end is coming in October and we are all under spiritual Judgement by the returned Messiah who is here in spirit no in physical flesh. Just like said in 1844.

Fool me once shame on you; fool me twice shame on me. Fooled three times? You must be an evangelical Christian waiting for the next prophecised End Time.

But ever since the Second Great Awakening and especially after the upsurge of Evangelical Christianity the majority of Christians have believed that they live in the End Times.

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ozoneocean at 3:43AM, May 24, 2011
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Actually bravo, if you're gonna bring up millennialism (which I think you are), people first did that over 1000 years ago in the lead up to the first millennium AD… All sorts of mad cults and schisms spurted out all over the place. They did the “free love” thing long before hippies existed, socialism, communism, all sorts of stuff. The fallout from that lasted for about 200 years or more in various forms.
They really did think they were living through “the end of times” then and had far more cause to do so than us :(

I learned about it from a series of clever art history lecturers over the years… But yoy can get a god sense of the fell of it by reading Umberto Ecco's Name of the Rose.
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mlai at 4:53AM, May 24, 2011
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Poor Osama doesn't get to be labeled as the Anti-Christ. Dude you got killed a few months too early.

Well, there's always Obama! He wasn't born in Hawaii, he was born in BABYLON!

FIGHT current chapter: Filling In The Gaps
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bravo1102 at 2:02AM, May 25, 2011
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Poor Osama doesn't get to be labeled as the Anti-Christ. Dude you got killed a few months too early.

Well, there's always Obama! He wasn't born in Hawaii, he was born in BABYLON!

I still insist it's Ronald Wilson Reagan. His reach extends beyond the grave.

As for born in Babylon; Saddam Hussein had people going for a long time. He also fit Nostradamus' depiction of the third Anti-Christ with his turban/beret.

Watch the movie with Orson Welles The Man who Saw Tomorrow and the depiction of the Third Anti-Christ is very close to Saddam. 0_0
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itsjustaar at 12:52AM, May 26, 2011
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And welcome to the Great Disappointment II.

I was reading about this on the day before the supposed expiration date of humanity. I'd call it an Epic Fail, now, considering how much has changed in the last 160 years and whatnot. …. this has to be on the wikipedia someplace! I oughta do it!

But anyways, I'll be honest. He had me scared for awhile. But at the same thing, I dunno, what irked me more than anything else was how quickly the news and media caught on. I didn't -think- it was going to happen, but everywhere I visited online had at least four to six topics on the Rapture.

I doubt the end is coming, but if it does, I'm gonna take the long drive and make Disneyland my fortress of operations! Y'all can come with!
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PIT_FACE at 7:44AM, May 26, 2011
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…just call the fire deptartment. we got dis shit.

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