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The Spirit........First review. Worst than Battlefield Earth??
ozoneocean at 6:49AM, Dec. 21, 2008
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“oh yes. what was her name?”

“i don't remember her name. but you remember her? she was very hot.”

“oh yes. i remember. she had to get naked. she was very hot.”
Now that's the sort of commentary that marks a classic film!

None of this “oh, you see that poster in the background? my brother made that. That extra there is my friend Trixie…blah, blah blah…”, not for Conan! ^_^
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gio at 5:37PM, Jan. 29, 2009
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I've actually seen parts of The Spirit from Will Eisner's How To Draw Sequential Art book ( which I think everybody needs to check out, brilliant book :)) and The Spirit I saw in that book didnt really look like the commercials I saw for the movie. Actually when I read it, it didn't really seem that action packed. I don't know, maybe I didn't read enough of it? Maybe I'm wrong? I don't know man, still, from what I've read in that book I never saw a characters as far out there in character design as The Octopus. Maybe he was an actual character in the series, but when I saw Samuel L. Jackson playing as him, it didn't have the same feel as I saw in The Spirit in that book. I don't know, maybe I'm explaining this wrong lol Sin City though, now THAT was exactly like Frank Miller's graphic novels. Go SIN CITY! YEAH BEBI! lol :D
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lastcall at 4:22AM, Jan. 30, 2009
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This year, my list of Bests include Kung-Fu Panda,

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Drasnus at 4:14PM, Jan. 30, 2009
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I loved Sin City.

And I wouldn't say the Spirit was horrible.

They're comic book movies.

Y'know, about comic books.
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ttyler at 2:57AM, Feb. 3, 2009
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I just want to make it clear, I didn't say Kung Fu Panda was one of the years best……..that would just be wrong now, would'nt it?
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