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Que_kun at 7:59AM, March 22, 2010
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Hi, I'm new (obviously DX sob) well not THAT new, but I recently decided I wanted a place to host a comic, since I've wanted to draw a comic for years now.

I used to be a hardcore online comic junkie *_* but with a new job, collage, and life in general I've fallen behind ;_;

I definately wasn't really planning on expanding into the forums >_> but thats cuz I'm just a tad shy, but I've decided if I can get some feedback and give some too, that would be great.

even though I'm a bit shy at first, no one should feel shy to talk to me X3 I'm very willing to talk/chat/make friends whoever you are!

Hope to have some fun,

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Dave7 at 6:56PM, March 22, 2010
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Hey, and welcome to The Duck. Don't worry about being shy; we're all a friendly buch…well except maybe in the Forum Games section. Things can get pretty nasty there :-p. And don't worry, if you really are a hardcore comic junkie, you'll easily be able to get your daily recommended fix here.

See you 'round!
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GracehFaceh at 6:14PM, March 23, 2010
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Welcome to DD!

Don't be shy, I promise I won't lick you!

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Kroatz at 2:07PM, March 24, 2010
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[url=]Que_kun[/url] has gained a [b]free donut[/b]
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Erad at 3:17PM, March 26, 2010
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Welcome to DD!

From what I read about your interest and personality…I think you'll fit right in!

All the best!
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