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The Tower of Druaga
ccs1989 at 9:32PM, March 15, 2009
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The Tower of Druaga is a 2 season (so far, though I don't think they'll be a third season), 24 episode anime series created by Gonzo and (gasp) released for free in High Quality on Youtube by the creators.

At first glance this show looks really generic and bad, as it's based on a really old video game and has a lot of cliches. However it realizes this, and the first episode is a giant mockery of cliches (you NEED to watch the first episode of “The Aegis of URUK” season, it's hilarious) and from the end of that the real series starts.

I finished the first season the other day and I realized that the characters really grow on you. The atmosphere of the show is great, there's a ton of action, cool settings, and a lot of genuinely funny moments. I haven't enjoyed an anime this much in a long time, and don't usually watch much, but this reminds me of the best of Outlaw Star. So check it out, and I'm sure you'll find something you like in it.

Also episode 3 of the second season has a great parody of 24 and homage to Star Wars, which had me cracking up.

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Jonko at 8:10AM, March 16, 2009
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Oooh, sounds interesting. I usually like what Gonzo does. They're the studio that did fullmetal panic right? Or am I just confused at life?
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