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The typical buffer?
Bruce Small at 9:12AM, Aug. 26, 2010
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I was just wondering what some other cartoonist consider as the ideal work buffer. I try to stay at least 1 week ahead of schedule to account for any unseen incidents in life. While the artist I write a project for prefers not to have a buffer so he can avoid getting lazy.

So how much of a buffer are you keeping and why?
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Ryuthehedgewolf at 12:21PM, Aug. 26, 2010
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Inked (not colored/toned/cleaned up) I usually have 3 or so pages at least done ahead of time.

Toned (fully completed)? None. I do them the day before, just with how my process works. And it seems to work pretty good.

Although being a week or two ahead is great.
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Hunchdebunch at 7:38AM, Aug. 27, 2010
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I try to have at least 2 pages ahead of each update lol but I'd rather have 10 or so buffer pages! I just don't work all that consistently, especially recently due to loads of stuff going on.

Before I begin posting a comic online, I always plan to have a buffer of 10 or pages, or possibly the first chapter. So far, it's never happened this way. I get to impatient and want everyone to see my newest creation lol. I'll try to be patient next time though, because starting to post without having much of a buffer is a big mistake! XD
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CZweig at 11:12AM, Aug. 27, 2010
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I'm not really comfortable continuing updates on a comic unless I have a good chunk of buffer to work from; even 12 pages is too low for me. Since I get up early, work late, and go to bed early, I only have days off for hardcore-comic-drawing time, so I like to have huge buffers; I'd never get time to update if I didn't.

That said though, these buffer pages are just the full sketched pages. I generally ink and colour them the day they're meant to go up haha.
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El Cid at 4:12PM, Aug. 29, 2010
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I'm not doing a comic right now, but when I was I only had one update's worth of buffer, if that… which is stressful as heck, but it did motivate me to keep up production. Whenever I did have a buffer, I tended to work on the comic less regularly.

I think ideally, I'd like to have two weeks' worth of buffer before I start posting anything. That would give me a lot of leeway. But the important thing would be not to deplete it, so it doesn't turn into a one week buffer… and then into no buffer.
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acadia at 10:05AM, Sept. 13, 2010
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Buffers are for pussies. Real men update infrequently and in bursts!

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Plague Doctor at 12:29PM, Sept. 13, 2010
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Buffers are for pussies. Real men update infrequently and in bursts!

Heck yeah =D livin' on the edge
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Genejoke at 3:38PM, Sept. 13, 2010
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I would have a buffer, I try to have a buffer but as soon as I have one I start doing more comics and then fall behind because I am doing too much.

Ideally though? a week or two I suppose.
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High Queen Doodles at 7:26PM, Sept. 18, 2010
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Well I had the first two chapters of my comic done when I started putting it up on DD..but once I have all those pages up, I'm going to try and keep at least 3 completed pages ahead of time.
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usedbooks at 3:55AM, Sept. 19, 2010
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I originally had way too much buffer. I don't like working so far ahead of my pages, because not only do I get detached from them but also any suggestions readers might have are either useless or can't be employed until much later.

Ideally, I'd like to keep at least two weeks of buffer uploaded but less than two months.

I liked it when I had more buffer of penciled artwork. It was nice to have whole chapters drawn and scanned, so I could work on my computer at leisure without drawing more.
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Futon at 1:37PM, Sept. 19, 2010
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I usually have only thumbnails, about 5 or more. Currently I have 10 pages roughed out.

I should have a larger buffer, but every time I finish a page I just feel compelled to post it.

I have bugger-all patience.

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