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The Ultimate Guide to DrunkDuck!
Terminal at 11:31PM, Jan. 4, 2007
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The Ultimate Guide to DrunkDuck! (v.1.0.2)

(This is a little experiment in making the new guides.)

How to Upload a New Comic!

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ozoneocean at 5:44AM, Jan. 5, 2007
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That could work brilliantly, it's a fantastic idea! But it's a bit pixely and unclear right now… :)
Is there a way you could make it start with a menu? That way you could navigate to the relevent animation- eg. loading an avatar.
And it'd also be good if the animation was fairly slow… You know, have it stop so people can click “next” to go on. That way people won't get lost.

Still, that's a great idea and you've done amazing work on it Myxo! You're brilliant man! ^_^
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