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The Virgin Suicides
kat8kit at 10:05PM, Feb. 17, 2006
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I just watched the movie. Maybe b/c its 1 in the morning or something but i feel like theres some point that i missed. I feel like the movie should have gone somewhere but i was left thinking “what the hell just happened?”

Someone please explain this to me?
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Tamerlane at 4:09PM, Feb. 18, 2006
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I remember feeling the same way after seeing it

And that feeling is about the only thing I remember because I forgot all of the actors in it and anything else
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Squeegee at 8:08PM, Feb. 18, 2006
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It's one of those scenarios where reading the book prior to watching it helps.

But uh, other than that, I can't offer much more help. I personally loved the movie.
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