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The World of Red Wolf
campbellim at 4:26PM, Jan. 10, 2011
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This is a story about a world where the people still carry the weapons of medieval ages. Also this world lays host to variety of mobs, thesemobs either help the towns in which they inhabit or they destroy those towns. In this world the weak die ad the strong live on. There is nosuch thing as age, you justkeep fighting until you die. This story focuses in one the second branch of Red Wolf, in the town known as Metola, as well as the alliance between Red Wolf and Golden Dragon. This story will be rather violent, and yet heartwarming. The terms of the alliance was the Golden Dragon must contribute a vice-captain to the second branch. This very vice-captain is in fact an elite warrior, and also is a woman. pm me if you want to draw this for me.
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