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This isn't too important, but I screwed up on something.
PicaandPiku at 1:28PM, April 18, 2007
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When I got a private quack from Umbreon_Queen, I accedentally clicked on the “report this message” link. I warned him/her about this, but I'm not sure what else I can do about this.

Can someone help me out? I'm afraid that I'll be the cause of an innocent member getting banned or something.

I'm not lying, either. This really happened! By the way, I won't mind if this gets locked after this is all solved. In fact, I encourage it…

P.S. I don't know where the proper place is to actually post this message is, but this seemed like the one that it best fits into.
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Black_Kitty at 1:35PM, April 18, 2007
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So far, we don't generally do anything with reported private quacks so no worries. :)

I'm going to lock this but next time if you're worried about a problem, please private message one of the available admins.
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ccs1989 at 1:36PM, April 18, 2007
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Send this to one of the admins. They'll clear it up.

Edit- Ah, I see BK already saw this.

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