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Today's Education of Our Youth
kingofsnake at 8:42PM, March 15, 2007
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my biggest issue with the american education system is that it too strongly stresses maths and sciences and history, and does not stress the arts strong enough. Both are important, but whereas the theorms you learn in math are usually forgotten as you grow older, supplemented with modern devices, and the specifics of science and history boildown to basic concepts, the concepts you learn through art and literature stick with you throughout your life. The people who can discuss the largest amount of topics with the greatest intelligence are people who are well read, not people who focus on math. History classes focus too much on names and dates, and not enough on events and rammifications, because the latter is what we can learn from. As it is most american schools only teach enough of art, literature, and thought to teach students how to appear to think about human nature, rather than how to actually think about human nature. Just read any colleg girl's poetry. There are no more Edna St. Vincent Malay's. There are only Robert Frosts. A poem that vaugly appears to hint at something deeper, but was built not to express something deeper but express the appearance of something deeper.
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