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Toonami RIP
ozoneocean at 5:20AM, Oct. 8, 2008
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AMERICAN (And some Canadian) Comics.
but, what's the difference between American and Canadian comics?
No idea… But the animation is different. Or was… Canadian animation companies produced some really nice stuff with a very different feel to the American products, I think it tended to be less aggressively commercial and brash at the outset, and instead just plain, solidly good. And the subject matter was more complex, but that would have to do with them mostly being made in association with English and French companies (for funding reasons) so the audience requirements had to be different to the basic one the U.S. cartoons aimed for.


As for Toonami, yeah, Tenchi was one of the better shows. That's another one that stopped half way through on the Aussie Toonami and then just repeated ALL the episodes till that point over and over till they finished its run for that season. Then do that all over again later on in the year… like they kept doing with Evangelion and everything else. I tend to think Toonami was designed to make people hate Japanese animation. Good thing I stopped watching when I did.
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