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skoolmunkee at 10:51AM, Aug. 9, 2010
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One thing Oz and I would like to try doing is creating some short, simple videos for basic site tasks. These would have audio voiceovers and capture the screen (so, screencasts) so whoever's watching can see whatever it is actually being done. Hopefully having a small collection of these would cut down on the number of times people answer common questions (or at least make it easier for them to answer).

What are some topics people would like to see? Keep in mind that ideally these will be under 5 minutes, so custom HTML and stuff are probably not good topics- but stuff like ‘how do I create a comic account? how do I enable my forum?’ etc would work well.

So, ideas?
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I Am The 1337 Master at 6:55AM, Aug. 16, 2010
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No ideas but I wanted to say this is a good idea.
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alwinbot at 7:19PM, Aug. 16, 2010
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You guys should cover all the ways of adding a new comic page. As well as how to edit it and move it up or down in the order of pages.

You should also cover how to make and edit a comic's forum.

Read this comic. It is the greatest journal comic ever written and drawn. Trust me.
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