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Trouble in Iranian waters
mystery at 5:49PM, June 22, 2007
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Yesterday I heard that there was an incident in Iranian waters similar to that which happened to the Brits, except it happened to Australians.

On the above page, the quote I like is: “They were caught at such short notice, they were surrounded, if they had put up any resistance and opened fire they would have been massacred.”
You have to notice that the Australians resisted, but hadn't opened fire.
I wonder what would have happened if Americans were in this situation. I hate the way that sounds, but I really do question whether everyone would have the good sense not to shoot, not even a warning shot. (They get more publicity, so I've been fed enough biased information to make a mis-informed generalization about their military.)

What do you think? Were the Australians just lucky? Were the British simply caught off guard? How do you think other yours and countries' navies might have reacted in similar circumstance?
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ozoneocean at 10:03PM, June 22, 2007
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Well if they have any brains at all and if their commanders, strategists or whatever have any brains either then when they're undertaking operations near disputed waterways or near the Iranian border at all, then they will be expecting this sort of thing and be following some sort of “rules of engagement”…

Now, if the terrorist or rebel groups were a bit smarter and more well organised they'd be hanging out at the Iranian boarder and pretending to be Iranian military. If they came across an American, British, or Australian patrol and started firing then they'd finally get the all out bloodbath war they're been trying for for so long! That's something to be more worried about I think :(
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marine at 2:37AM, June 23, 2007
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Rules of engagement forbid American soldiers from shooting at certain times. If your trapped under enemy fire in the middle of a town square, and your CO tells you not to shoot and you shoot, you're almost guaranteed a dishonest discharge. Which is basicly like saying “you're a faggot and a failure” and having it branded onto your record. No one wants that, not even the homosexuals or losers.

Let the army tanker say his two cents, but I'm almost certain I'm right here.
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