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Trying an atrist search again
Jillers at 1:59PM, Oct. 17, 2006
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So.. I am a fantasy writer, looking for an artist. I want to do a kind of long term thing, and I do so suck at drawing (see… I try and then I get frustrated so…).

I mean, I'm not going to tell you alot of detals about the project here, but it is something that's been in the process of being made and written down for about… 10 years?

And I know how crazy things get with school and work, so I'm not about to put deadline pressures on you - I think aiming for 1 really good page per month, than 4 rather mediocre looking ones is fine.

So, yes. Fantasy writer - different from last poster. Needs an artist who like fantasy. I mean forest scenes, dungeouns, castles, town life. If you can do magical effects that's fine, if not, it's easily worked around.

Basically, stylistically, you'd have a lot of freedom - I mean, character descriptions and a few important details aside, how you want to tackle them is completely up to you.

I'd work with you so we could figure out how to best accomplish things - whether it involves a re-write or whatever. I'm not looking to make money, just tell a story.

If you're interested and want to hear more, well.. you know, reply somehow.
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