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Turning my usb memory stick into an mp3 player?
Red Slayer at 8:39PM, July 19, 2007
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Here's the deal, i was draining the juice out of what's left of my sony Diskman (because my mini disk is broken and my cousin can't get out of his ass to go and pick up the mp3 player i asked him to order) and i decided to play around with my 1GB usb memory stick a little.
Then and idea started to form in my head and along with it a question surfaced, Is it possible to turn this useful device into something even more useful? say, an usb mp3 player?“
”Of course you can, silly boy!“ said i to myself ”But, how?“ i said again.
So i set sails in the vast sea of information called The Internet.
But my quest proved to be futile and fruitless.
”A ray of light at last!" said i to myself when i find an adapter for my car, but, i do not own a car and even if i did, i can't fit a car into a classroom or a narrow hallway (although, knowing myself as i do i could improvise something).

So i set sails once more disappointed but with the knowledge that i was right and what my heart seeks is not a crazy dream or delusion.

After being deceived by false advertising and misleading article headlines i decided to turn to my good knowledgeable friends at DD and ask for a helpful hand in this matter.

BTW, this thing is pretty cool:
But useless for me.
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