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Tutorials on Using Photoshop and The Gimp
CharleyHorse at 3:59PM, May 23, 2007
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NOTE: It's now May of 2009, and it had been a while since I had reviewed the availability of these url addresses for these tutorials. As it turned out only one source had moved BUT it also turned out to be the largest and most useful source of all. Isn’t that the way these things go?

So I have regretfully eliminated a great deal of material for this segment. All the remaining links should be up to date again at this point. I hope that these tutorials do prove useful for some of our forum members.



Okay, here is a cross section of tutorials aimed at teaching the same bit of information from different perspectives.

Why?–because you never know what person will deliver just exactly the right bit of information in a certain way that will blast through your mental blocks and lead to that perfect bit of epiphany allowing you to make progress.

First up are tutorials on making speech bubbles and adding text to the same. I don't know about you, but this was a real sticking point for me, and the difficulty of learning how to do this with an art application about made me pull my hair out until I finally encountered that one tutorial on the subject that WORKED for me. Here's hoping that one of these fine tutorials will similarly work for you.

Making Text Speech Bubbles

First the Photoshop tutorials of our DrunkDuck regulars:

Our own Eunice P's tutorial

Subcultured's tutorial

Skookmunkee's intermediate level tutorial


Now for a Gimp tutorial on making speech bubbles from a DrunkDuck regular:

Gigatwo's tutorial

Now for Gimp tutorials on text speech bubbles by non DrunkDuck people:


Here's a Wikibook site on creating text speech bubbles using the Gimp

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