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Twilight causes insanity?
Gohlico at 5:29PM, May 13, 2009
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OMG I love this one!

….okay. This was..creepy and epic at the same time. I would have been scared if this hadn't ended nicely(things with twilight fans usually end up nicely for me. But this time, it ended right in a different way.)

I practice fencing, you know, that thing with swords. I never really talked to anyone in my fencing class. But yesterday, I was reading Twilight before the class. Just to pass time, since I had gotten there almost one hour before the class. A guy asked me if I was reading twilight. I said yes. It went like this:

Fanboy: So, you are reading twilight?
Me: Yup.
Fanboy: My favorite character is Edward!
Me: …cool.
Fanboy: …What, you are on team Jacob?
Me: …No I just..don't like the book.

After that, the fanboy had a very angry reaction. Because I went on to explain why I didn't like the books.
…the plotholes, the characters with no personality, you know the drill. He got angry and said “Well, why don't you write a better book then?” I said “I am. Wait until I'm done with it, so you can read it.”

I was trying to keep a straight face, but it was hard. I ended up laughing hysterically.

“So, are you afraid?”

And so, we had a duel. No one else was there, not even the teacher who is always late(and like I said, I was almost one hour early for the class).

…..And before the duel started, I had a brilliant idea. First of all, I'm ambidextrous. Which makes what I said to him kinda of a lie, but whatever. We started the duel, and to be honest he was winning. No one had gotten any points yet(..although I was slightly afraid that he was trying to kill me for real instead of getting points.) but he was winning. Then, I switched the sword to my right arm, and said:

“…I'm not left handed!”

and then proceeded to say “My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.”

He had a wtf look on his face, probably wondering if my name really was Inigo Montoya, and if he had killed my father, and said “….what the hell are you talking about?”

..I said “About good literature.” and then, after the trash talk was over I proceeded to win the “duel”.

…….it was the most hilarious thing I have ever seen in my life. A fanboy challenging me to a duel. With swords. Okay, we were in the same fencing class but..STILL! It was the most over the top fanboy challenge I have ever heard. And it was too good of a chance to pass a The Princess Bride reference.

….Now that I think about it though, I would have been screwed if he was better than me. We didn't have all protective gear on(neither one of us had the mask) so he could have hurt me. But let's forget the details, and my stupidity of not bothering to put the mask on before facing a rabid fanboy.

Because once we get past my stupidity we can laugh at a Twitard challenging someone who doesn't like the books to a duel. And that's hilarious.

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SarahN at 9:27PM, May 13, 2009
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Unless you guys want to use this as a “discuss Twilight” area, you can go ahead and lock it since it keeps getting revived. =/ When I started it I had only read a couple of stories on that forum that I thought sounded weird but legit, I didn't read the rest and realise how ridiculous and fake most of the stories were.

The moral of the story: Anti-fans can be just as bad as fans.
I recommend staying somewhere in the middle. You know, indifferenters.
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