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Two Things....(mainly the first)
Nerd Fury at 6:26PM, Sept. 16, 2008
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Ok, I guess I can sum this up as needing some opinions on how good of a job I'm doing with my main comic (Flaming Fuzzy People).

First of all (the main reason I came here to begin with), I'm feeling a bit down on myself because it took me until 231 pages (a few of which are fillers, though) to actually give my comic any plot to it (before that it was just random story-archs, but eventually I couldn't keep this up and my friends and other fans would be too disappointed if I just ended the comic).

My second problem (which somewhat relates to the last thing I said) is simply this: as much as I really don't see what the big deal about sprite comics is (8-bit Theater is a sprite comic, and look at it), it's hard for me to ignore all the negative comments about them and about how it mainly just shows that I'm lazy (even though the main thing is just that I can't draw all that well in the time I have to make each comic). As much as I've had multiple times where I've been tempted to just do a remake with 100% custom sprites, my friends and other fans have grown too used to the current ones (that, and at this point it would be a pain to start over).

So, yeah. I'm feeling pretty down on myself. Thanks in advance for any help you guys can give me.
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lba at 8:31PM, Sept. 16, 2008
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I went 226 pages without any filler and never once actually even made a story. It depends on your focus in what you're doing. Sometimes, it can be ok to do things without an overall story plot. Plus, we're all here for the learning experience. You can't expect to be getting things right the first run-through.

The reason sprites get so much crap is exactly the reason you just named; a lot of them are lazy. Just because it takes you a while longer to make a page by drawing doesn't mean you shouldn't. Learning to draw makes you better at making comics in general. Plain and simple: If you don't want to spend time drawing, you're going to seriously hurt yourself in the long run. It doesn't have to be your final product, but make time to work on drawing so you can get better at the overall art of comic-making.

If you're afraid of upsetting your current fans, you could always think about finding a way to work them changing into the plot. Consider finding some way to make the physical appearance change a plot device.
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BlkKnight at 9:06PM, Sept. 16, 2008
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Nerd Fury
(8-bit Theater is a sprite comic, and look at it)

8-Bit Theater is also one of the first sprite comics…before it became cool for everyone and their uncle to make one. At the same time, 8-Bit Theater does have a thought-out plotline that appears to be nearing its conclusion. Obviously, you're realizing the need for an actual plot in your comic which would boost your overall credibility and evolve out of whatever primordial goop 90% of all the other sprite comics fester in (and in all honesty, 8-bit was somewhat random in the beginning, too). I'd recommend a slow ease into a proper storyline so you don't alienate the entire fanbase at once. You're more likely to hold onto them that way.
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