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Umm... Hi :3
ArenLys at 5:00PM, Feb. 5, 2011
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Hi, my name is Aren and I'm trying to sort out how to move around the website and things. But I found here so I guess that is one thing good.
I'm very new to the comic writing so I hope I can gain experience from here, learn new things and ways of making my work better.
I think I specialise in Manga style. That may make me a mangaka wannabe. I do not know ^^;

But I hope to get along with everyone.

Aren x
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Adariel at 2:16AM, Feb. 7, 2011
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Hey there, welcome to DD!

There's a bunch of useful tutorials here on the site, a lot of helpful members as well, hope they can give you some help or two, look around and you'll find ‘em

Just give us a holler if you get lost or somethin’ :P
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oozsinfered at 2:10PM, Feb. 12, 2011
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Hey there Aren

Welcome to DD :D

New or not, I'm sure you'll enjoy your stay here.
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Sayomi at 4:14AM, Feb. 23, 2011
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Hey Aren! Hope ya have fun on Drunkduck, I certainly do! I'm still a kid and I find it pretty easy to do things on here, so hopefully you'll find it a piece of cake! Good Luck! :D
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