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Updating the nerd profile
ayesinback at 1:53PM, May 2, 2011
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Redundant thread! Please kill. This was already discussed in General Discussion, and not that long ago (I saw the topic when I was over at the preview site)

so sorry admins / mods

This topic was prompted by the following exchange on another WTH thread:

Somebody else
If you can find anyone on this forum who isn't a nerd I will be shocked.
Prepare to be shocked-
Not everyone who draws and posts their art here actually likes comics, or video games, or any of the rest of that sort of thing.
So what makes a nerd these days?

Classic nerd (when I was growing up):
1. Usually one of the smarter kids in class, generally quiet (I qualified)
2. Liked to read (I qualified – still do)
3. Not much into sports (I was on a couple of randon jv teams - Never followed college or professional sports – pretty much qualified)
4. Into computers (not me)
5. On the A/V squad (nope)
6. Socially awkward (eh – depended on the crowd)

Now, if you update that, I think 1, 3, and 6 still apply. Item 4 is radically different; everyone internets in one way or another. But maybe replace it with comics and video games? Is that today's nerd?

Don't know if this thread belongs here, but I figured, wth
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I Am The 1337 Master at 2:35PM, May 2, 2011
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Yes. It was something that asshole…butt head…awesome guy…ozoneocean said.

In response to your list:

1. Yup but I'm not the most school smart-just not retarded unlike most others.

2. Hell yes. I get speeches because I take out the max every time I go to the library. And most recently it was Atlas Shrugged and had 8 pt font with 1000 somethin pages.

3. Was kinda forced into it/half enjoyed it growing up.

4. Somewhat but not too much. not like my Mine/War-craft playing friends.

5. Whatever that is…

6. Have you met me? I let conversations just die sometimes because I can't think of anything to say. Seriously…

But major nerds I know today:

1. Get by in school.

2. Game way too fucking much.

3. Tennis.

4. Game way too fucking much.

5. Are obsessed with zombies.

6. Have too little a grasp on reality because they don't realize how nerdy they are sometimes.
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