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Anonymous at 4:45AM, Aug. 9, 2006
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(note: I'm an extreme beginner to Drunk Duck, who's been looking for beginner's tips on uploading your first comic to DD and this is the closest thing I've found: bear with me)

There are still more questions that a beginner may ask about starting one's first comic:

1. when I'm asked to upload a page, the only options are to upload images…isnt' a “page” a layout that includes “images”? So where it says, “upload page” am I uploading the page that viewers will see? Or am I uploading images to use on the pages that viewers will see?

2. Well, I uploaded a “page”, a .jpg image I thought was going to be the first page of a series of comics. I thought I would be able to edit the layout using html, but I checked the next day, and it looks like this: Is this my first page? Or is it the “cover” of my comic. I can't tell, cause there's no buttons or anything…So I thought I'd go to the place called: Edit Design Template, but:

3. I couldn't understand how this related to the image I just uploaded…Did I upload the image to use in the html code in Edit Design Template?

So, could someone point me to the tutorial where these questions are answered, or could someone answer them in this post? Is there a beginners tutorial that I just haven't found yet?

I've built my own websites before from just plain html, I admit I'm not the greatest or even that good, but I didn't realize I'd be so lost here in DDLand. Thanks
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