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SovietLaika at 12:30PM, June 23, 2011
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I have the worst schedule skills on the face of Drunk Duck. That said, I am trying to work on them, and Ive found that there are really three options for uploading comics; lets say I put out 4 a week.

1. I upload all 4 on Friday.
2. I set them to auto-upload one each day (doesn't really matter which days, does it?)
3. I take the the time to upload one each day.

I don't think I have the schedule skills or the patience to manage number 3, even though I already know that it is the best option. I know auto-uploading puts your comic out at the same time as thousands of others… so…

My question is which is the worst of two evils? Mass upload, or auto-upload?
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El Cid at 5:32PM, June 23, 2011
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You should never upload multiple comics per day. It puts people off. Auto-upload is fine. You have more control over when your comic appears on the front page under This Just In if you post manually, but that may not be a huge deal. People will find your comic anyway, especially if you're active in the community.
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