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humorman at 11:28PM, July 29, 2008
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I have come to realize that there is a significant chance there are goblin-like animals living in the empty space in the cabinets in your kitchens. To remove such unwanted vermin, it takes incredible patience to rid of the scourge from you sights. If you have a container of bell-polishing mixture, be sure to dab each corner of your cabinet. This will allow the odor of such a fluid to irritate the nasal glands of these little creatures and thusly, they shall flee to the nearest shoes in your foyer. Be sure you own at least one shoehorn, for you must use it to pry open the shoes that these goblins dwell within, for goblins are all snippy creatures. The goblins should now retreat the gnomish-mound located in your backyard. Liberally apply gopher insecticide to this mound in order to destroy these fiends once and for all. You'll be glad you did. Remove the carcasses by using tweezers to pluck them up into a pickle jar. Store the jar at room temperature for six months in order to receive a fairly decent fertilizer that can be used to grow parsnips and other tubers. The parsnips will be cold if you don't microwave them first.

Billy vs. Tree – The epic struggle of boy versus tree.
Sonic Colores – It looks like it's going to be a good game because I love how the way it makes me grow.
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ozoneocean at 11:42PM, July 29, 2008
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Very entertaining. But this part of the forum is more for articles and images and real trivia of interest or titillation, not creative writing. If you'd prefer to make little stories for people to comment on, please post them in the Art and Lit section, and signpost them as such ;)
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