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Valentine's Day
SpANG at 7:20AM, Feb. 12, 2008
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So many people at my workplace are floating around the office all giddy and excited about this upcoming day.

I have to say that I am unattached at the moment, but I don't think I'd ever celebrate this “holiday” anyway, and I wouldn't be with any one that wanted too. Hmm, I guess I know why I'm alone then. :P

It used to be cool to me when I was a kid, getting valentines from cute girls and stuff, but now that I am grown I find the whole day just silly and unnecessary. I mean, why does everyone make sure they get together ONE DAY out of the year to profess their “love” to one another? Shouldn't you be doing that all year long? What do you need a special day to do that for?

I detest Valentine's Day for what it has become too, which is a Marketing tool for the card, flower, chocolate, and jewelry companies. That's all it is to me though. More fleeting material possessions.

What are your thoughts?
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Frostflowers at 7:27AM, Feb. 12, 2008
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I don't detest Valentine's Day - I'm sort of carefully neutral about it. Mind you, on Valentine's Day a couple of years back, I had my worst day of the year - slipping on the ice four times in a single day, getting severe bruises all the way down my right leg - but that wasn't really the fault of the holiday.

I don't know why it gets so much attention, though. If you love someone, you're supposed to show that every day in one way or the other. If you only show them you love them on Valentine's Day, you're pretty much a lost cause.


The best thing about Valentine's Day is the sale on candy afterwards! :)
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Hawk at 10:04AM, Feb. 12, 2008
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Valentine's day is like a second Christmas for women. It's true that they often reciprocate the gifts that men give them, but I heard from somebody on CNN a few years ago that men spend on average 9 times more than women do on Valentine's Day. I'm always skeptical of stats like that, but I think the expectations placed on men for Valentine's day is pretty clear.

I don't have a girl to blow money on right now. Maybe now is a good time for me to get that Xbox360 and Rock Band. It would be a much more useful avenue for my money than chocolate, roses, or useless jewelry.
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Xaden at 1:13PM, Feb. 12, 2008
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Well i never really had anyone to celebrate with so… yeah. I'm not big for it but this year i actually have someone. Might get her a little something.
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cartoonprofessor at 3:46PM, Feb. 12, 2008
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I detest Valentine's Day for what it has become too, which is a Marketing tool for the card, flower, chocolate, and jewelry companies. That's all it is to me though. More fleeting material possessions.
Isn't that what every holiday has become?

More than that though, it has become yet another depressing day for lonely people, who are made to feel like they are missing out in life because they don't live like the ‘rest’ of society… with their families, cars, houses, possessions, et al.

My wife of 15 years and I had a bit of a ‘Valentines day’ last night. After picking her up from work we went to SUshi Train and a movie. REAL romantic movie too… “I am Legend” !!!!! But it wasn't that much for the ‘day’, rather it was because I've been wanting to see this movie and it was cheap night at the flicks.
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kyupol at 4:08PM, Feb. 12, 2008
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I used to hate valentines day because like what was already said in this thread, it makes people who are single and lonely feel more sad and left out.

I was one of those people and I remember just getting very very angry on that day to the point of crying in the corner, or getting drunk, or punching walls.


Now I'm a little more mature, I see valentines day as a kind of conspiracy to get more people to buy stuff. Commercialization in other words.

Crazy and outlandish as this might sound, Valentines day is a mind-control experiment. wahahahaha! where does he get those ideas!!!

Think about it. Why is mainstream news (err… propaganda) full of rosy cheesy stuff about valentines day? Its just all around you. REPETITION!!! REPETITION IS MIND CONTROL!!!

Since humans are conditioned to believe everything said in MSM (mainstream media) to be truth, they must think that being miserable in valentines day because they are single is suppose to be a truth.

Oh. Its normal to be sad because I'm single. And if I'm blowing cash on a girl, I'm suppose to be happy because I fit in and therefore am normal!

Its all about the concept of perception. What you perceive as normal and not normal.

In the long run, it is greedy corporations who win. With more profit.

It is about lust and greed. Not love.
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ozoneocean at 8:40AM, Feb. 14, 2008
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Generally those things are irritating and artificial: forced conventions, dictating how you should behave. So, logically, many of your actions and gestures that are performed in accordance with the conventions of the holiday should be less than genuine and ring slightly false because of the fact that they're imposed from outside…

But even so, it can be fun to play along. And just like smiling will sometimes make you happy (if you weren't to begin with), the lovely dovey activities can also tend to coax those actual feelings from you. lol!
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Roguehill at 12:22PM, Feb. 14, 2008
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I, personally, will take any excuse to do something crazy and affectionate for someone I care about.

If “they” want to make a day to celebrate that officially, I'm all for it!)

Here's a life secret: If you stop looking for opportunities to celebrate things, one day you're going to wake up and say “where the hell did all the fun go?”

Personally, my wife bought me a bottle of nice bourbon, and I printed out pictures of us on red paper, cut them into heart shapes and filled a tall apothecary jar with them.

It's been a good day.)


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Aussie_kid at 4:58AM, Feb. 15, 2008
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When my last relationship ended, I thought I was going to get depressed seeing all the valentines crap around, missing the girls who've left me, etc.

Then the day comes and I just think of it as the day after my birthday. I walked down to the bank to cash my birthday cheques and then went to indulge my sweet tooth. Four people I knew from school asked me if I had anyone to spend V-day with and I replied to them no without a touch of embarrassment or regret.

To me, it's nothing. I never did anything for it before and I don't think I ever will. Give presents and flowers to your girl any other day, because then it's more special. If she asks you why you don't treat Feb 14th as special, tell her you don't think one day a year is enough to say you love her. Sounds corny, but it's how it should be
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mlai at 5:50AM, Feb. 15, 2008
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Oh good, Emo Day is over and this thread can die. Jesus, what's wrong with y'all? Cupid listened to too much Linkin Park and shot all y'alls in the asses.

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kyupol at 6:26AM, Feb. 15, 2008
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Oh good, Emo Day is over and this thread can die. Jesus, what's wrong with y'all? Cupid listened to too much Linkin Park and shot all y'alls in the asses.

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albone at 8:18AM, Feb. 15, 2008
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Valentine's Day is for chumps. I read that you're supposed to spend $50 for every year you've been together up to 10 years. Screw that. Unless you count the trip to Vegas this April, then yeah, Happy Valentines' Day.
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HalJones at 1:24PM, Feb. 15, 2008
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I once didn't celebrate any of the holidays, but I do now, if only for my wife's sake. I love her and she loves me. We enjoy doing something nice (but NOT outlandish) for one another, but nothing too expensive.'' She bought me a rose bush (riiiight, that was for ME for sure… well, maybe the diggin' part) while I got her some White Diamonds (which, as it turns out, she is allergic to, so she couldn't use it). But all in all, it was a nice little evening.
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VegaX at 3:36PM, Feb. 15, 2008
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I think it is all rather silly. I don't need a special day to show that i love my girlfriend. Still, when the day comes I'm forced to buy something anyway, unless i want to appear like a jerk.

As far as I'm concerned it's just another one of those days that is invented so that the shops can rob us of our money.


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horseboy at 11:12PM, Feb. 16, 2008
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See, now I celebrated Valentine's Day the right way. By doing my taxes. While watching a vampire marathon. Hey if your creating a holiday to celebrate things that suck the very life from you, may as well celebrate them all. lol!
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Aurora Moon at 12:19AM, Feb. 18, 2008
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My boyfriend and I celebrated V-day by playing on the ps3 and playing on the MMORPGS.

After all, why spend money on shit that doesn't last beyond a month? It's better off doing something fun. Screw the cards, the candy, and the jewelry. Just order me some takeout, and play a match against me on my various game consles … and I'm happy.

showing your love shouldn't be such a damn commericalized thing, in my opinion.
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mapaghimagsik at 3:52PM, Feb. 22, 2008
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Aurora Moon
showing your love shouldn't be such a damn commericalized thing, in my opinion.

I definitely agree with that. Still I'm not such an idealist that I refuse presents. At the same time, I give presents for VDay as well.

Anyone who tallies up how much a present is worth is a sad sack. What I find annoying is that stores are cashing in on the Holiday, they're cashing in on the insecurity! The holiday itself is fine, and if it was just some day where you give cards or something sweet or flavored lube or whatever, that would be fine.

But there's this expectation. Its like marriage, really. Men are expected to spend X months salary on the ring. Pfft. That's silly. But because relationships make people anxious the stores really capitalize on the insecurity.

Its a shame. My best presents are cards.
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kyocat83 at 4:07PM, Feb. 23, 2008
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It seems like everyone here hates Valentines Day..I think that it's a cheap way for Hallmark to make some cash, but I just hate the company. I love the day, true you should be telling the person you love that you love them everyday but I think the days still kinda sweet. Plus I get a kick outta the chaos one Holiday creates. Makes the whole day have a false sense of great amusement.
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