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Valentines Day is more dangerous than AIDS
kyupol at 7:20PM, Feb. 12, 2009
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"Imagine that the Prophet Muhammad is standing before you, and so are the Jews and the Christians. The more you celebrate Valentine’s Day, the more the Jews and Christians are happy, and the more the Prophet Muhammad is sad. The more you do this, the more the Jews and the Christians gloat at us, while tears flow from the Prophet’s eyes. Do you want to make the Prophet sad and the Jews and Christians happy?!

While religious hate isn't really a laughing matter… things like this just make me wanna laugh. lol!
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Pandafilando at 9:09PM, Feb. 12, 2009
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poor muhammad, crying over such a trivial matter …
now seriously, although valentine's day is clearly a consumerist party, i don't believe such “pointy” statements will not work outside their fanatic circles, sure they have their right to have a personal opinion, but with islam fanatism, as well as any other religiously fanatics, their argument is so out of context and silly that only the most “fervent” followers will believe.
here in Mexico we have some sort of similar situation, Halloween's penetration in our culture is so strong it is eclipsing native celebrations such as harvest day and “dia de muertos”, but it's right in their message where you can see people's intentions, while most religious groups tend to attribute it evil connotations and even attribute it a diabolic nature, while the government takes a better approach in order to promote native traditions making use of cultural activites and festivals, all of which provides a grand cultural experience which makes me celebrate “dia de muertos” over halloween happily after many years, and that is without making use of ridiculous and unfounded arguments, and by the way, halloween, valentine's day and many other festivities are on to keep growing no matter who tries to stop them, is the way of globalization.
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krisikas at 11:32AM, Feb. 13, 2009
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hahah ;D Valentines Day is just another day to sell some plastic shit to the people.Theres nothing religious about it today ;D
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PIT_FACE at 12:05PM, Feb. 13, 2009
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man i really gotta stop reading people's opinions on the net. i really do.
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Custard Trout at 12:09PM, Feb. 13, 2009
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Muhammad is probably sad because everyone forgets him on Valentines day. Each of us should send him a card and some chocolates, to remind him that we really do care.
Hey buddy, you should be a Russian Cosmonaut, and here's why.
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Product Placement at 12:16PM, Feb. 13, 2009
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I just quickly browsed through that site and it promotes Jihad against non-Muslims, suicide bombings and other forms of sacrifices to the “cause”. As sickening as it is that such sites exists, spewing hatred and loathing towards fellow man simply because they were raised differently, I am saddened to say that fanaticism like this exists in every circle of every faith. You've all heard of the Westboro Baptist Church and there are Jewish websites that attack anything they consider against their faith and counter any criticism with antisemitism claims. The main question is, how many take this seriously. The Westboro Church is ridiculed for their claims but what is the general consent for this Islamic site? How many read it, considering this to be holy truth?

The biggest irony of them all is that Christianity, Judaism and Islam all focus on the same root faith of believing in the one true god. These three faiths are based on the same core roots and we follow more or less the same book. The Qur'an, The old Testament and the Hebrew Bible are more or less the same book. Wouldn't it be nice if people could look at the things we have in common rather then the things that separate us?

Final point I wish to say. If god exists and he is as just as we believe him to be then those who carry these views… Those who spread pain and misery… Those who teach to hate rather then to love will find themselves unpleasantly surprised on their judgment day.
Those were my two cents.
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Red Slayer at 10:32PM, Feb. 13, 2009
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Custard Trout
Muhammad is probably sad because everyone forgets him on Valentines day. Each of us should send him a card and some chocolates, to remind him that we really do care.
I'm going to draw him a picture.
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lothar at 2:27AM, Feb. 14, 2009
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wtf is that crap ??? who cares whurt momhad thinks , ?? isn't he dead already anyway ? whutz he gunna do abaout it
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