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Variable Comic Page Styles
Cleromancer at 9:47PM, April 27, 2011
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I'm the technically oriented half of my team and, while we're still working on getting our things together, we've been hesitant to actually go through the process of “creating” the comic page on Drunk Duck and beginning coding – we don't want a blank page with no comics for people to read.

So, I come to you all with this question she posed to me: is it possible to set up more than one style of page in which to view pages within the same comic? In other words, if page 1 is oriented as a landscape (a rectangle whose length runs horizontally) and page 2 is oriented as a portrait (a rectangle whose length runs vertically) is it possible to make that work?

While I'm asking questions, is it possible to either make a test comic and then delete it or, better yet just hide a comic from the public eye soas to enable me to discreetly set up the code for it in advance while the character art and buffer develop?
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skoolmunkee at 5:11AM, April 28, 2011
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You can certainly make a test comic and delete it, that's actually something we recommend so people aren't making formatting changes to live pages. :]

I'm not sure what you mean by “is it possible to set up more than one style of page in which to view pages within the same comic?” though. The html coding is just a template for all the pages, and to get the comic page in there you use a type of tag. So the comic image will always show up in the same place on the displayed page (and the elements around it will be in the same place). Although depending on how you frame that tag you've got some flexible space to work with. For instance if you want a menu to stack next to a vertical comic page, but under a horizontal one, you can't do that.
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