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VG Mayhem (community project)
mastachaos at 4:20PM, Feb. 1, 2008
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Hello all. I have a plan for a simple project that would showcase peoples creativity and other things.

The main story is simply open and easily accessable;

The real world and the world of Video games have merged, bring many VG characters to the real world(in human form for most beast). People in the Real world get assigned a VG to watch over.

So basically it's very simple, you can put any character(Real world human) along side a Video game character.

There are certain limits to the characters one can choose:

*The character's personality cannot change drastically, minor changes are ok

*If the (VG)character is a animal, make them human.

*If someone claims a VG character, If you want to use it, ask the person who claimed it for assistance/permission.

*Your page can take place anywhere in the world that you can go.

*If the VG character has a power(s)it is supressed to POSSIBLE abilities.(Ex. Sonic cannot go at the speed of light, however he can still be fast)

*Explosive, firearms, and weapons with VG are permitted, but please don't go crazy with it.

*NO BLOOD.PERIOD!!! It's ment to be funny not brutal

So far the only characters (VG) are;

Justice(Guilty Gear)
Shadow the hedgehog(sonic)

There are several others that shall not be used by anyone but that will be established the further we get.

How to contribute/participate:
I want to see the creativity and different styles of the DD community, so you can do a page however you like in your style(except sprites, it would ruin the whole flow), with whatever VG character hasn't been used/claimed by someone else already.A 5 panel page….and that's it for now. I'm new at this but I always wanted to see this come to life.

Anyone want to join? :kitty:

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SkylerVane at 4:42PM, Feb. 1, 2008
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If I could draw worth beans I would, but I don't have the skills, equipment or patience. Great idea for crossover fan artists, though. You should have plenty of takers…
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mastachaos at 7:50AM, Feb. 14, 2008
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Huh….does no one want to try, or is is that it's not important to people?

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