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Visually impaired gamer sues Sony Online
Lonnehart at 2:47PM, Nov. 9, 2009
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Ugh… got this off the Game Creator Forums.

Visually impaired gamer sues Sony Online

Now then. I'll let you people decide how you feel about it. I'd say something, but I was always told that if you have something REALLY NASTY to say about something, shut your mouth.

Just kidding. Actually I don't know what to say about this…
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Inkmonkey at 3:22PM, Nov. 9, 2009
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Well, that seems a bit harsh. I mean, at what level of visual imparity is the “cutoff” point? Certainly they kind make the game ideal for all possibilities. Let's say a game has a color-coded puzzle: do they need to put in 8 or 9 additional cues so that the color blind can play it?

At first I thought this was about the Playstation Network. If you have a PS3 on a standard-definition TV, you basically can't read anything. A few games have big enough fonts to compensate, but most of them don't.
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B__ at 7:02PM, Nov. 22, 2009
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Hard to say. His case makes sense, but can be seen as not. What Sony could produce is a very few select number of games that have Lage Print, like the Large Print books in a library.
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