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Voice Acters Wanted!
Flame411 at 8:54PM, Aug. 11, 2008
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I'm animating my comic and I so far animated about 3 minutes long into the animation. I have made lots of progress but I haven't been able to make my voice able to fit any of the characters. So I'm asking for help. The Comics called “Suzy Prower Comics” I'm working on Part 1. I'll send you the scripts and you record them with “Audacity” to record your voice then upload it on a site and I'll download it to hear it. :)
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Drifterxgs at 10:35AM, Aug. 16, 2008
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There is a group online called the voice actors alliance. I would hit them up for some awesome voices. I also do a few myself. They do quite a bit and im sure would be happy to help your animations.
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PopDowns at 5:05PM, Jan. 3, 2009
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I would be happy to do some voices for you! ^^
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Uppity_Scarecrow at 12:22AM, Jan. 7, 2009
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same here. I'd love to do voice over work.
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highspeedcomics at 11:59AM, Jan. 7, 2009
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If you're still looking for people I'd like to try out!
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cool guy at 12:15PM, Jan. 7, 2009
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I'd do it but my mic is a piece of shit
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Bittenbymonk at 12:48PM, Jan. 9, 2009
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odd, normally recording happens before any animation is done, otherwise the timing gets all messed up.
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warefish at 4:18PM, Jan. 11, 2009
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Ya. I'll do it. I don't have an American accent though and it's pretty much near the only one I can't put on. Unless I make myself sound like the Joker. XD

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