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Wall-E - Did anyone notice...
supermathsbeaver at 3:09PM, Aug. 8, 2008
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It was probably an oversight and at least they didn't have the one token black guy that so many Hollywood films inject- which in it's own way is racist, as they are singling out an ethnic((?) can't think of the word but I don't think it's that but it will have to do until I edit this) group for inclusion.
P.S. Confused soul informs me that two men can be seen in the main ship area talking about virtual golf and one of them is black.
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Zad at 2:02PM, Aug. 16, 2008
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Wait, America does not = The World??? When did that happen???
I agree with the part about America/Japan/whatever thinking they are the world…if you live there, why not make a movie taking place there? Etc etc.

And on star wars, I bet they had some galactic standard language or something, and it was translated to English before being injected into Lucas' head.

And to add, I definitely saw some people of color in Wall-E.
(White is not a color…?)
I'm half-black, more on the lighter side, but I have drawn less then 10 colored people in my life, including my portrait in art class. I just never feel like it. Why does it matter? it shouldn't.

And……….is it possible to have so much trash? Did anyone else see that? Anyone??
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Croi Dhubh at 11:23PM, Aug. 17, 2008
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It's more like Stargate SG 1 and Star Trek. The reason everyone spoke English is because it would take too long to translate a new language every episode to have them talk to each other.
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Product Placement at 8:37PM, Aug. 19, 2008
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Well don't forget. The evil empire spoke British.

As for this topic…. there were plenty of ethnicities on that ship. They never got more than a second of screen time so they were easy to miss. One of the previous captains was an Asian female and another former captain was black. I strongly remember seeing a scene where this black lady was drinking a big slurpy drink that was suppose to be a “meal in a cup” thing and another scene where this white guy is talking to a black guy. There were others. This topic is kinda silly. The movie wasn't even focusing on the humans.
Those were my two cents.
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Scheiden at 7:51AM, Sept. 23, 2008
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You guys are reading too much on this. Yes, there are a lot of movies out there that are racist (including some Disney movies). But no, Wall-E is not one of them. Wall-E showed a LOT of dark-skinned, brown, yellow and even PINK people in the movie.

Please do watch it again ^^

On the other hand. Anyone else noticed that the scale of the space ship that brought Eve (that appeared huge in Earth and quite small in the main ship) is larger than the main ship when it returned back to Earth?

LOL. Scale errors. Other than that, I have nothing to criticize about Wall-E. It was a wonderful movie, it managed to reincarnate the old art that Charlie Chaplin had popularized in the old days, it also had a lot of references, not only to the modern society but the things back in the 1920's as well!

So yes. Wall-E is not that kind of movie.
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lastcall at 5:08PM, Sept. 25, 2008
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Really people it's just a sweet little kids movie.

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Tundra at 11:07PM, Sept. 27, 2008
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Well, it all depends on who (and which country) was able to afford to board this spaceship- I'm assuming lots of humans died on earth. So yeah, it could very well be political. And the few different races who were on the ship, maybe they were bred out 700 years in the future. So everyone *looked* white.
Though, I thought some of the babies were black, but maybe I'm remembering things wrong. Forum for artists, writers, and other creative types. Get positive news here! Improve your day. Share your links.
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Anubis at 3:14PM, Feb. 18, 2009
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I didnt realise they were ethnicly white

as far as I could understand they were morbidly obese and pasty from centuries of no real sunlight.

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Hawk at 10:13PM, Feb. 18, 2009
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Anubis, we kind of settled this one half a year ago and it didn't need to come back.

Actually, I'm tired of seeing this topic resurface over and over again after it's been confirmed that there are myriad ethnicities aboard the Axiom. I'm locking this.
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