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GinckPress at 8:50PM, Oct. 31, 2007
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I just saw the trailer for this movie, and as a fan of the original book, I have to say that I am pissed. They totally stripped out all the things that made that fucking book cool. Fucking bullshit. On top of all that Fox is now white and she's fucking Angelina Jolie. And the Professor is black now ( though had they not raped the shit out of the storyline I wouldn't have cared, because Morgan Freeman is a pretty good choice ).

They totally turned the story around. They're not supposed to be good guys, god-fucking-dammit. Fucking Hollywood. And the director is the guy that did the Nightwatch/Daywatch flicks, and I saw one of those, and I'm sorry but that shit was just shit!

I'll wait for my neighbor to rent it just so I can find out how much it sucks without spending my money on it.

Should have gotten a Rodriguez/Tarrantino combo - let Tarrantino handle the story/actors and Rodriguez handle all the tech and soundtrack stuff - he knows how to make a GOOD movie on the cheap, instead were getting this crappy ass Matrix wannabe knock off.

Fucking Hollywood fucktards.

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Sidwarrious at 8:54PM, Oct. 31, 2007
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Never heard of it.
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Darkmax at 1:35AM, Nov. 1, 2007
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Yea I'm going to have to agree with Ginck Press they flip flopped the storyline bad and its shame too… I really liked the Wanted book. I had heard M&M (yes the rapper) was going to by the rights to cast him self as the star??? If you read the books he was kind of like rabbit from 8 mile
And Fox was supposed to be Halle Berry WTF Oh well I'll keep my fingers crossed but I see a butcher job coming. If you have a strong stomach for the Dark Side of comics go buy the trade paper back “Wanted” and on the plus note if you own the single issues their price on ebay will go through the roof :) (Got e'm all in mint)
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Darkmax at 1:53AM, Nov. 1, 2007
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The more I think about it M&M would have said F*ck it and kept the story original If he was footing the bill for the movie (which he could have) It would have been his call right?

The problem is there were no good guys in the book at all…You really had no one to root for. You just kind of followed the story to see how Dark it would get.

The opening scene in the book alone would have called for an NC-17 rating.
And there is just is no $$$ in NC-17 movies…Let's face it…Hollywood likes to fill theater seats period.

I think I'm going to break mine out and read it again…it was good…in a Dark,Twisted make you sick to your stomach kind of way.
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trevoramueller at 10:40AM, Nov. 1, 2007
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I think they could just call it something else and say it was inspired by the comic book by Mark Millar.

Like Godzilla would have been 100 times more enjoyable if they had just called it Allah-Lizard. However, Hollywood wants to try to bank on the established franchise name and save some money on advertising….
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suzi at 9:03AM, Nov. 3, 2007
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Ha, I just saw the trailer last night. I can't believe they went from “clan of supervillains based on DC villains who kill people for shits and giggles” to “gang of assassins who live by some mystical fate concept.”

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mlai at 9:49AM, Nov. 3, 2007
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What is so wrong about having a protagonist who is a villain?? Last I checked, all the movies I know that did that, became classics, genre definers, and blockbusters.

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Sidwarrious at 9:52AM, Nov. 3, 2007
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I prefer movies like that. I write like that. No one reads my stuff and thinks my main characters are heroes.
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MrRiot at 12:29PM, Nov. 3, 2007
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Yeah…I'm not going to bother.
The comic wasn't even that good…it was just the concept of supervillains having taken over the world and reshaping in their image that made it interesting. Take that away? It's just a crappy Matrix-wannabe movie with Jolie acting like the world doesn't think she's used goods.

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