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Skullbie at 1:45AM, March 13, 2009
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The comic was a mystery with tons of questions and thoughts about the changing moral of things, the movie was action porn that shows like the director missed the points of the comic entirely-which is likely very so.

They followed the same plot yeah, just not the same way. The comic was built strongly on characterization while the movie took the superficial elements on top. The comic was a whodunit mystery with many clue's leading to veidt, making the second read-through a ‘how did i miss that???! D:’ wile the movie shows veidt right off the start.

That's what people really mean when they say ‘source material’
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ccs1989 at 3:08PM, March 14, 2009
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I thought the violence, at least where Dan and Laurie were concerned, was excessive. Also the jail cell saw thing, that was not necessary. Zach Snyder needs to learn how to suggest violence without explicitly showing it. He sort of did that later with the bathroom scene but that wasn't necessary either because the flushing and all the lead up really tells us all we need to know as viewers.
Also the sex scene was horrendous. Jeebus.

Overall I was okay with this movie, really excited by some parts of it, but facepalming at other parts. I feel Snyder nailed certain parts and screwed up majorly at other types. Being that the film isn't very cohesive in the first place these inconsistencies makes it feel even stranger.

“If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours.”
-Henry David Thoreau, Walden
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CharleyHorse at 6:51PM, March 14, 2009
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I'm patient. I'll probably wait four or five years before I bother watching the movie on the computer monitor. But, on the other hand, yesterday I read the graphic novel for the first time ever. It was interesting.

I will point out that in the graphic novel the squid device was a bit confusing until the second read through. Perhaps the movie's solution was for the best. I don't know. Definitely the book was about characterization development and philosophical motivations and compulsions and perhaps even the meaning of patriotism. It was also about questioning the existence of God. It was definitely about relationships and love and lust. Was the movie?

I enjoyed reading the graphic novel. It wasn't the greatest thing ever penned or inked, mind you; but it was an enjoyable yarn.

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ttyler at 10:27PM, March 14, 2009
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I loved the look of it. The acting was pretty decent for the most part, although Jackie Earl Haley wins hands down in my opinion. I hated some of the music choices and placement….I wanted to come out of the theatre, giving this film a 10…..but in reality, I can only give it about a low 7. I'll check out the directors blu-ray for sure. The new scenes and added black frieghter, might make the film much better. I guess this is what happens when I get my hopes too high, based on cool trailers.
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Crimsonskystudio at 4:58AM, March 19, 2009
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I didn't read the comic/ Graphic Novel, but I have seen the film.
It wasn;t bad, though the dialouge was a little awkward,
and Dr.Manhattan, quite possibly the worst thing in the film.

Still not as good as the likes of Sin City and 300.
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Downpour_guy at 7:53PM, March 31, 2009
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I saw it a while ago.

It was full of WIN.

Comedian and Rorschach were the best, but they had to be. Was dissapointed with Dr. Manhattan and Ozymandias though. Could have been better.

And on the way out I heard a bit group of nerds bashing it because they changed they end to a bomb instead of a big squid.

If I hadn't read the GN, and went to see that film and in the end they drop a big squid on New York, I'd be like “WTF, FAIL”.

I mean, it worked in the comic because it had enough back story. But the bomb was more relevant to the story they went with. They didn't have the time to put any more into it. And it would've looked dumb no matter how hard they tried.
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json at 11:36PM, March 31, 2009
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here's my quick take….

i loved the movie. it was a great departure from the mindless popcorn crap that Hollywood gives us every year.

there were a few minor changes, but i'm not gonna nit pick them to death because they aren't like turning cobra commander into a plunger face freak or megatron into a jet that looks like a pile of metal.

i think where the ending fails in the comic…and in the movie (even though they tried to somehow make it relate to 2008)….was the simple fact that this book was written 25 years ago when the threat of nuclear war was VERY real. it's hard to portray that sense of uncertainty, threat, and danger after the cold war ended and most amerikkkans have forgotten about it, or were never aware of it because they hadn't crawled out of their mother's vaginas by before then. adding the squid monster out of nowhere would have been one more element of the film that just comes out of nowhere in the final act that would possibly confuse people even more (although i was SO looking forward to the alien invasion).

the child molester death i actually cheered for. i felt in the comics setting him on fire was too humane compared to the film.

word on the street (aka interweb tubes) is that 45+ minutes were cut from the final film! so, once this hits DVD i'm sure there will be a lot of answered questions. like what happens to rorschach's therapist, what's the deal with the crazy tiger, etc. as well as the short's that were released prior to the film (ala matrix revolutions) with the “pirate's tale” and “documentaries”….
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Downpour_guy at 6:37AM, April 1, 2009
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the child molester death i actually cheered for. i felt in the comics setting him on fire was too humane compared to the film.

Thank you!

I thought it was so much better. It shows Rorschachs change from a man that wants to bring the evil in the world to justice, the the Rorschach that would just like to see everybody with a dark side burn.

The cut off your arms and live/don't and burn to death ploy was good, but does not show the rage he felt towards humans very effectively. That, and it wouldn't have turned out as it should have. Would have had too much of a Saw feel to it.

I don't know about the 45+ that was cut. I know that Snyder was pushing for the film to be about 210mins long, but the producers weren't going to put their names on something that long. And I'm sure it shows Rorschachs therapist standing in the street of New York when the bomb goes off, therefore being disintegrated.
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