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Webcomic or Self-Publish?
mars1276 at 7:25PM, Dec. 14, 2010
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I'm looking to self-publish in the interest of making some capital gain and getting my comic out there. I'm wondering though if I should do the web-comic thing instead?

Who has had success with self-publishing? Who can help me understand the benefits of self-publishing vs. web-comics on DD or vice-versa?

I'm almost half-done with my comic and need to start SERIOUSLY exploring which option I am going to choose to do.

Comments will be appreciated.


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Genejoke at 5:55AM, Dec. 15, 2010
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I don't self publish as yet, I don't feel my stuff is good enough just yet. What putting my stuff on DD has done for me is helped me develop my skills and get a lot of useful feedback. Another plus is that should I decide to self publish I may already have a number of potential readers/buyers.

How do you plan on making people aware of your comic? are you willing to pay out for advertising etc?

Web comicking is easy to start and get feedback but making money from it… not so much.
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demontales at 7:08AM, Dec. 15, 2010
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If you want to go on the self-publishing road you'll have to advertise yourself a lot. I don't publish my stuff either, so my tips may not be the bests.

If you want to do this only for the gain and do not necessarily for the “carreer”, I suggest you reconsider your options and maybe try doing commissions instead. If you really want to become a comic artist and gain money from it, you'll have to be very perseverant, and will maybe end up losing more money in the beginning(especially because of advertising).

As Genejoke said, making a free webcomic can make people aware of you before you actually decide to make a paying one. Also, you'd be able to see if people are interested enough to buy, and have their feedback on what to improve, etc. It is hard enough getting known and having a decent following with a free comic, imagine when you try to make people pay. With everything so easy to get for free online, people are getting pickier about what “deserves” to have money given for and what not.
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DrLuck at 12:19PM, Dec. 16, 2010
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I do both. I post all my comics online, and I have a print version to sell at anime conventions (with bonus stuff, of course, like commentary/sketches/illustrations not found online/bonus comics/ect.). If you're looking for self-publishing to go with your webcomic, make sure there are extra goodies to go with it. Otherwise, why bother buying the book? You get what you want online. Also, make sure you get quality books. Don't settle for KaBlam books or ComicPress. Go with CreateSpace, if you want my honest opinion on quality. The books look damn good and always catch attention at conventions if you got good art on a good book.

Basically what I'm saying is why bother with only doing one or the other? Do both: get your name out there with webcomics, and get some profit with books with extra goodies tossed in. Besides, you can also sell other stuff at conventions too, like commissions or prints or whatever. That, and you meet a bunch of new people too at cons and get even more word around. Don't limit yourself on one option.

I can't express how much bonus content is important for printed webcomics. I have a copy of Vagabond (first book I made) that has no extras in it because I didn't know this lesson. I got Crossbones (most recent book) with a ton of extras in it. People will shell out the extra cash (since Crossbones is 4 times bigger than Vagabond) to get more for their money. Now I got a bunch of Vagabonds lying around and need to order more Crossbones books.
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