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Dynamic at 9:01PM, Jan. 28, 2007
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So, I've been trying the whole, host my webcomic on my own thing and so far it's been good, but editing the html is proving to be becoming more of a nightmare the more pages I get. Like if I want to change the background color or something like that…

Anyway, I was wondering if anyone knew of a good program I could install on my website that would allow for easier updates, something that is already known to be stable, but is not phpcomic because I can't install zend. I would preffer something which would allow for a homepage but I have NO idea where to even begin looking for a solution because I'm new at this.

I know you're all gonna say Drunkduck is the solution, and I obviously have an account here, but honestly, I like having my own url and not having it be a subunit of drunkduck.
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hat at 7:52PM, Jan. 29, 2007
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Get fantastico and use a CMS or a Blog Software.
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