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weirdest thing you ever had to do for school
amanda at 9:01AM, April 14, 2008
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I don't recall doing anything *too* weird in school - I did the sheep heart dissection and the starfish…oooh, and a squid, too. We wrote with the ink - that was a little weird. I felt kinda like a bad person for it.

The coolest thing was the pumpkin trebuchet. I built one in physical science (physics for idiots - about all I could handle) and launched a nice, juicy, gooey pumpkin right into football practice. ^.^
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willlapuerta at 10:42AM, April 14, 2008
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Everyone's already taken all the good dissections . . .

The only thing that comes to mind is when I had to learn how to use a sewing machine . . . for a Math class . . .
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kyupol at 1:44PM, April 14, 2008
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You think thats really a gray alien? No its not. The part you see is just its armor. And those black eyes are just like sunglasses.

I remember that day. I took a chainsaw because the armor wont come off with an ordinary scalpel. Once I got the armor off, I saw its skin is colored pink. And its body is similar to a FISH. Some of the skin comes off from its armor because its armor for some reason just digs into its own skin.

Sick stuff… :(
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Priest_Revan at 2:56PM, April 14, 2008
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I had an intimate relationship with my teacher for an “A”.


Anyways, the weirdest thing I've ever done in school? Hmmm… probably dissect a pig fetus…
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Arswyds at 2:03AM, April 15, 2008
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Where do I even start…

-Dressing up as the Dourmouse from Alice in Wonderland for a finance presentation..long story there.

- Being forbidden to say anytihng but ‘Moo’ for a day for charity, and on another fundraising day speaking entirely in rhyme.

- Listening to my English teacher rapping Mercutio's speech from Romeo and Juliet.

-Rapping Friar Lawernce's speech from Romeo and Juliet.

- And next year I may be selling myself as a slave for charity as most of my year are expected to do, as well as get sent into town by my sociology teahcer to stalk…observe people.
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seventy2 at 1:32PM, April 15, 2008
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what counts as “school”? anything where you learned something?

in high school….i wasnt an active participant…and i never did anything wierd….
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Whirlwynd at 2:16PM, April 15, 2008
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I'm sure there were weirder assignments, but the one that made me feel the weirdest was when we had to write our own obituaries for a Language Arts class o_O

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Marguati at 3:37PM, April 15, 2008
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Pretty boring lessons here… the most idiotic (and utterly useless) thing I had to do is learn the periodic table for science class. Like “73” “Tantalium!”, “37” “Rubidium!”. What the heck is Rubidium, anyway?

Funny things I got to do were going to school on carnival dressed up like I mime (I actually managed not to speak for the whole morning), carving maoi-like statues out of chalks during Latin lessons, taking a drunk teacher to her room during a school trip in Prague, throwing water balloons at freshmen after my graduation (kind of a tradition in my school).
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Insizwa at 4:07PM, April 15, 2008
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Hippie Van
One time I had to watch some messed up movie about atoms which were all getting ready for a party. The main character(can atoms be characters?) which was fluorine or something, was trying to get a date for the party that she could borrow an electron from, so she took out an ad in the paper. At the party all the atoms were dancing and stuff, and many other things happened which I have fortunately blocked out of my memory, but it was pretty strange. And we had to learn from this movie and answer questions.

Oh and the noble gases wore crowns and lived in a castle.

Hey, I saw that.

Weirdest thing that came to my mind was watching a video about conception and pregnancy. Then towards the end of the video, the woman gives birth and you can actually SEE the baby pushing out of her vagina…

I saw that too, but instead of law it was grade 9 science.

Anyway I also dissected a fetal pig and it was pretty cool. Got to cut it's tongue out and break it's jaw and everything. The group next to us really went to town on it. They sliced it's skull open and yanked out the little fetus brain and put it in a jar. Then they grabbed the pig and made it gallop violently. It was quite amazing. Another dissection was during science Olympics (schools compete in sciencey trial things) and we got to dissect a little shark. Anyway there was this one dude who held the bucket of sharks for everyone to get, and every time someone yanked one out he'd be sprayed with the shark juice. Quite disgusting, but it made me laugh. It was okay though, because at the end of the day his group won.

Also I go to a very spirited school where the teachers dress up during fun days, school concerts and plays. They are most amazing.
My teachers have:
Dressed up like the Misfits
Pretended to be cave men
Dry humped
Dug through cat food
Cross dressed
& Head banged to Metallica

I love my school.
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Orange at 6:17PM, April 15, 2008
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Not sure if this counts, but once the sixth-eighth grade teachers did a Vote for Pedro skit.

Man, that was awesome.
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Raccoo at 2:35PM, April 16, 2008
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I had an intimate relationship with my teacher for an “A”.



My teachers have:
Dry humped
& Head banged to Metallica

No way! They'd never head bang at my school!

In one college math (algebra or higher) class, I had to “volunteer” to help elementary school kids. There was somesort of grade penality if we didn't do it. I ended up not doing the required time, because the teacher was a pain to schedule with. I retook the math class later when they weren't trying that crap. It's funny that I was the only one that got a picture in the newspaper for it (there were several classes of college students taking part in this).

For one of my college English classes, we had to do a mock court session with characters from colonial America. I played one of the attorneys, and we'd worked out before hand with one of our witnesses what to say to increminate the defendant. But when we were in mock court they had changed their story, and denied anything increminating, so our case sounded crappy. I guess they conspired outside of class to mess us up.
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amanda at 2:57PM, April 16, 2008
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Ooh, I got to do a mock trial too as a high school senior. I was the defense attorney - but it was a modern case (a real case) - apparently, the prosecution's witnesses weren't ready since my line of question made one cry. It was sort of sad, but hey! We won!
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Stain at 6:35PM, April 16, 2008
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I had to get handcuffed and forced into a cop car.
Dirk Zephyrs
Stain is also pretty hot.
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Arashi_san at 1:14AM, April 17, 2008
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Pretend that I was killed and had to draw the outline of my dead body on the sidewalk. We did that in elementary school. I wasn't quite sure what was going on at the time.
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Nintendude at 4:22PM, Oct. 31, 2008
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In fifth grade me and my class had to grade the teachers.
I thought I was being tested for something so I gave all my teachers A's.
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Willicus at 5:12PM, Oct. 31, 2008
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My sex ed teacher owned a horse ranch.
'Nuff said.
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Vakanai at 8:17PM, Oct. 31, 2008
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Not much strange happened in school, but let me wrack my memory:

The Sad, Sad Tale of Mr. Anti-Pot Patch
It was speech class back in high school. We had to make our own commercials for some stupid reason. Something about visual communication or some such nonsense. We we're broken up into several groups and told to come up with a product and plot out a commercial and then film said commercial. She actually brought a camera to class that day. So there was a quick brainstorming session. I say quick cause once I said ‘antipot patch’ we took off. I became the sort of ‘unofficial director’ which was good cause I got to stay out of the camera shots. We taped a sheet of paper on some guy that said ‘antipot patch’ and we dressed another guy up as a toke or marijuana cigarette or whatever you call it. It was extra sadly hilarious cause he looked like a paper mache KKK guy. I swear it was unintentional. Still funny as hell. Anyways, we wrote some hammy dialog and a fake fight scene and tada! Speech class history was made that day.
I wish I had that video. It'd be great on youtube.
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HippieVan at 9:38PM, Oct. 31, 2008
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My sex ed teacher owned a horse ranch.
'Nuff said.

Mine bred dogs. :P And her husband was our shops teacher…he was well past fifty and wore leather pants.
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Faliat at 11:12PM, Nov. 1, 2008
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Be the only spectator for this inter-school gymnastics competition thing because I was too crap at sports and had terrible stage-fright.
And I couldn't even do THAT right. Broke and fractured a lot of bones in my wrist and hand and stayed off school the day it was on… Typical.

Regarding high school, just going there was insane enough… But if you want something more funny… Doing my work experience at the primary school my mum works at.

Call that jumped up metal rod a knife?
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warefish at 11:58PM, Nov. 1, 2008
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Hippie Van
One time I had to watch some messed up movie about atoms which were all getting ready for a party. The main character(can atoms be characters?) which was fluorine or something, was trying to get a date for the party that she could borrow an electron from, so she took out an ad in the paper. At the party all the atoms were dancing and stuff, and many other things happened which I have fortunately blocked out of my memory, but it was pretty strange. And we had to learn from this movie and answer questions.

Oh and the noble gases wore crowns and lived in a castle.

Hey, I saw that.
Cripes! I saw that one too! :P

Anyways. One of my teachers screamed really loudly in class once. And as soon as we turned around to see what has happened, she said “Ow! I bit my tongue!”.
She's the type of teacher that rewards you for sitting at the back of the classroom doing nothing but playing on your Nintendo DS.
Also, seeing as this teacher was a substitute, she took my English class up to one of the computer rooms and instructed us to look up “Macbeth” on Google Images.
She has a terrible dress sense as well…

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Drasnus at 7:30AM, Nov. 2, 2008
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A few years ago we had to each make a penis and a vagina out of play-doh in PSE. The clay was all mashed together and it came out red and purple.
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HippieVan at 7:58AM, Nov. 2, 2008
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We went to this “PARTY” program(not as exciting as it sounds, party stands for prevent alcohol and risk related trauma in youth) last year with school and there was this one man they brought up who had gotten in some accident due to drunk driving…he talked to us for around an hour about how his “willy doesn't work.”
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NickGuy at 8:03AM, Nov. 2, 2008
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wear a shirt, tie, slacks and shoes every day for 6 years…that and show up every day…who the hell did they think they were?

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Inkmonkey at 9:19AM, Nov. 2, 2008
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Okay, well, no one really weird or interesting thing happened to me, but I'll just list off stuff and one of them's bound to be entertaining.

I had to catch a sheep once during school. Well, first I had to shear a sheep, then someone else's sheep got away from them and we all had to chase them. Me and this other guy managed to corner it, though he made the actual grab.

Was named homecoming king, but got disqualified because I didn't show up to the homecoming game because I was too busy watching Ninja Turtles. I've actually been nominated for homecoming and prom royalty every year it was relevant (small school), but that was the only one I'd actually won.

Speaking of things I kept getting asked to do, people seemed to think I would make a really good class president, because I got nominated every time it came up. Never actually ran, though, because I didn't want to stay after school.

Managed to convince half the people at school that I know kung-fu, largely just by imitating the Ninja Turtles.

Deliberately took the hardest math class the school offers early because I hate math and didn't want to deal with it my senior year.

Went to poetry slams with the poetry club and pretty much just did oddly-paced standup comedy.

Acted out the part of Grendel in a mock-trial of Beowulf. Won the case on the grounds that I was there first and that sick bastard stole my arm and nailed it to a wall.

Had to play the part of the prince in a play I didn't know because the actor who was supposed to play him didn't show up for the performance. I had to carry the script with me the whole time.

Watched a sex-ed video where AIDS was represented by a guy in a red jumpsuit (with the word “AIDS” written on the front) and a goofy ant-like mask. The human body was represented by a creepy old mansion (where AIDS tore open holes in the fence to let other diseases in) and the immune system was represented by a baseball team (which AIDS put blindfolds on).

Got second place in a pie-eating contest (where we used cherry pie, which is not very fun to eat extremely quickly).

Played Fire Emblem in the back row during graduation.

Didn't have one of those hats for graduation, so I just moved my ponytail from one side to the other when we had to move the tassle.

Gave a speech during graduation because the teacher who had originally planned to make the speech left for maternity leave, and I was apparently the first person they thought of to replace her.
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mike_mcpeeper at 1:31PM, Nov. 2, 2008
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I was forced at gunpoint to engage in a knife fight with a chimp. The chimp may have taken my thumbs, in which I'll never be able to hitchhike without the drivers thinking I'm waving my fist at them, but I got his pride and will to live. By this time, I bet that stupid monkey has finally done us all a favor and kicked the bucket. And then there was this time in gym class when we had a Korean substitute teacher who killed half of us and forced the other half of us to take part in a short game of Russian Roulette. I haven't been the same since… :nervous:
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machinehead at 6:06PM, Nov. 2, 2008
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I remember this one time when I was 15 my teacher made me stay after class. They locked the door asking me if I would like to get some extra credit. I of course said yes as my teacher stood behind me and began to massage my shoulders. I turned around to ask about the extra credit and was like woah Mr. Perkins put your pants back on and quickly unlocked the door and left the room. It was the weirdest damn thing he really needed to invest in a belt or something.
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warefish at 11:05PM, Nov. 2, 2008
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My science teacher accidentally turned me into a fish. He was able to transform me back of course… but with a few side effects nonetheless.
So now, I turn into a fish every crescent moon. That's how I earned my nickname.
Not to mention that I did look like a fish when I was living on the moon (see the “where are you from?” thread). Which is probably what made the transformation possible…

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Walrus at 4:45PM, Nov. 3, 2008
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Saying “Kids will have fun playing with my snake,” in front of 150 teenagers, a handful of teachers and a few businessmen.


Hilarious. I'd like to see the look on the teachers faces after the teens reactions.
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SeriousQuiche at 8:47PM, Nov. 3, 2008
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For Biology(COLLEGE BIOLOGY) we had to draw a pretty island. and then we had to make a list…of the first ten things we would do on our little island in order to survive.


Also for fiction writing, we had to write a story about being stuck in our Ex Boyfriend/ Girlfriend's closet….
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Ochitsukanai at 9:40PM, Nov. 3, 2008
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1. A chalk contest - one girl drew a beautiful island, and then everyone who saw it was like “whoa!” and copied it. In the end we had an entire sidewalk filled with islands. I did not envy the judges.

2. The teacher wouldn't let us rehearse the second half of a play. We just did the first half over and over because she was unsatisfied. So no one knew all the lines.

Early in the second half, a couple of people find a jetpack, ride offstage and explode, after which I run to the door and cry out “Oh God, they're DEAD!” But they do this far too early and skip a load of lines! So we're floundering when suddenly the deceased parties RUN back onstage, deliver their missing lines, and then AGAIN they ride offstage and die (inexplicably). So I run to the door again and scream “Oh God, this time they REALLY ARE DEAD!” like I was mistaken the first time. Like they lived through that first explosion, but Jetpack II got 'em. God, that play was a mess.

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