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Well. Way to be late.
Rabidpeach at 7:08PM, Feb. 11, 2006
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Heya what is the haps. Another SJ-er who actually used to be a Duck before Spacing out and Creating Jelly. Or…something.

I go by Rabidpeach. I'm one of those annoying manga fans who doesn't quit, but I am generally interested in indie and western comics as well. Used to be interested in anime, but then came to the realization that manga pretty much wins by default.

OEL and the new jazz is great and all (I am a particular fan of Shonen Jump titles - okay, One Piece mostly), but my heart remains with classic shoujo masters. Natsuki Takaya, Hagio Moto, Reiko Shimizu, and a lot more women. I also covet a few titles that most fans I know don't give the time of day (Petshop of Horrors, Basara, Ororon, Mankin, Shutterbox…). I feel old, slightly.

I track only a few select webcomics but I do like reading them in bulk and systematically. Some are No Rest for the Wicked, Friendly Hostility, Dinosaur Comics, and White Ninja. I am a Megatokyo fan. I can even explain why most of the time.

As far as other comics, I love Dilbert, the classic Peanuts cartoons, Michel Rabagliati's Paul series, Scott Pilgrim, the Sandman (and I love Jill Thompson but manga style Death popped a few too many nerve axons), and Bone, amongst others.

Too much talk, not enough walk. Go look at my webcomic, or something. ^_^;;;
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Adariel at 12:13AM, Feb. 13, 2006
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before i walk myself, i say welcome to you here, or should i say welcome back, hmm…*goes walking
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jgib99 at 12:37PM, Feb. 13, 2006
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Hey Rabidpeach. Former SJer here as well.
Karen's Edge- The beginning of the wildest road trip ever!!
How Unfortunate- Coming back in mid-July!
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