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What are you going to read (during the holidays(
HippieVan at 7:23AM, Dec. 11, 2009
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I have to read Like Water for Chocolate for my English class over the break. Anyone read it? Should I just rent the movie or is it any good? ;)
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skoolmunkee at 8:12AM, Dec. 11, 2009
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I've already reread most of the Black Company books in the past couple weeks, good stuff, except how the plot slows way down the last 3 books. Have to wait for the reissue to finish reading those, though…

Currently I'm reading a book of short stories named “the Wasteland” which collects some post-apocalypse scifi tales. No aliens or zombies. The book started off with Stephen King's “The end of the whole mess” (the one with the calming serum in the water) if that gives any indication of what the book will have.

I've got a backlog of 20 or so books… not sure in what order they'll be read. Everything from Yiddish Policeman's Union to a collection of G K Chesterton to Cormac McCarthy, H Rider Haggard, Medieval Murderers and Barack Obama. I've also ordered a couple books of Amazon (mostly comedy essays like The Areas of my Expertise and David Sedaris-type stuff). Something for every occasion! :]

I've also got some work reading I have to do. T_T

Hippie Van - I tried to get out of reading some civil war book by watching the movie made from it (Glory) and I did okay, but I DID have to look up a little bit about how the book differed from the movie, so I didn't make too many screwups. :]
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lothar at 8:53AM, Dec. 15, 2009
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i dunno ,,maybe nothing !
but i'll tell you wut im not gunna read - science ! that stuff is a load a turds !!! i hate science !! science and me just went through a messy breakup !
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KademonsterX at 5:00PM, Dec. 21, 2009
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The back of a shampoo bottle.
Cease this, honkus!
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