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What does your 'workspace' look like?
Freegurt at 5:19PM, Sept. 9, 2009
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I notice everybody's stowed away their stash of dodgy porn before taking these photos!

Oh shi-I swear it's not mine! I-uh-they're my friend's I was just you know…holding it for them.

Crap how did they know?
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Ryan_Scott at 6:10PM, Sept. 9, 2009
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The last time I ‘held something’ for a freind a lot of accusations were made and nasty rumours got started.
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JoeL_CQB at 12:02AM, Sept. 12, 2009
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my workspace/room in a more cleaner state. 360 view!

when I draw, I just move the keyboard aside, and do the best with a 14“x8” plane.
more to the left is my 360

and then my entertainment corner

bed with junk

dresser and crap

easel, I haven't done any painting over the summer



and scanner and other crap
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Pandafilando at 12:27PM, Sept. 12, 2009
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such nice workspaces, if i want to draw anything i need to be at school, that's the only place i can sit down without being yelled at, besides my room is only 1.5 x 2m, the only thing that fits there is my bed XD. unfortunately since my class schedule is almost non-stop i have only like, one hour to draw each day.

by the way, my room has also some mtg cards lying around somewhere.
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