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What free programs to use for my comic?
squeakyreaper at 11:51AM, Jan. 5, 2007
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I've never made a comic before, but I'm trying to get one hosted on Drunk Duck now. All I need is to revamp my comics… Alot.

I'll be putting this on Drunk Duck. I got the idea while I was at school today, so I'm making some more. Of course, I'm going to improve the quality of the pictures and text alot, but thats besides the point. Heres the first 10 comics of Short But Squeaky!

What program should I use to ink those? Critics and stuff are welcome, though this is the wrong forum for asking of that.
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mykill at 11:57AM, Jan. 6, 2007
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Gimp and gimpshop are excellent free software tools. Use google to find the downloads.

For your first comics I reccomend you do not go digital for inking unless you already have a computer art/design background.

Here's what you should get/do, in my opinion.

A flexable, see thru, plastic ruler with a ruled grid printed on it. Line the grid on the ruled with the edge of yopur paper, and you can make a straight line that is perfectly paralell to the edge of the paper. You can make perfect gutters between panels. This ruler will clean up the panels and vastly improve the presentation of your comic.

Do use gutters between panels.

Ink the pages with a good black pen, any kind you're comfortable with. erase the page lightly with a KNEADED eraser before inking, so the graphite doesn't block the ink from hitting the paper. Trace on a second sheet of paper instead of drawing over erased first attempts as well. Erasers aren't THAT good.

Gimp/Photoshop are better for letterring, so start with using the software for just that. will give you free fonts appropriate for comics (handwritten look, all caps). Comicbook letterring should be poured into a center justified diamond shape that allows for white space on all four corners of the baloon holding the text, this conveys the illusion of there being very little to read and facilitates easy reading, even when there's a lot of copy.
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