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what happened to "latest comment"?
Toraneko at 3:02AM, Nov. 5, 2010
posts: 34
joined: 4-8-2009
It used to be in the main control panel section, but I don't see it there anymore. Did you actually remove it completely, or is it just a site bug?

And if you did, is there a way to view the last received comment? I don't want to go through every comic page just to see a new comment. :\
last edited on July 14, 2011 4:32PM
skoolmunkee at 9:31AM, Nov. 5, 2010
posts: 7,058
joined: 1-2-2006
If that spot is blank that just means someone left a rating without any text, so there's nothing to put there. :]
last edited on July 14, 2011 3:43PM

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