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What have you learned from making a webcomic?
Puff_Of_Smoke at 1:08PM, May 29, 2007
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that everyone hates a sprite comic…

and most of them don't even realize that not everyone possesses super drawing skills.
I have a gun. It's really powerful. Especially against living things.
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Memmy at 7:58PM, May 30, 2007
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I've learned a lot… And I've never done a webcomic.

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blntmaker at 1:33PM, June 12, 2007
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What have I learned…

1) Inspiration is a great motivator…

2) Doing a webcomic is much like climbing a mountain - the best part is turning around and looking at how far you've come (evolved) in your art and storytelling (Does anyone remember the first season of The Simpsons?)…

3) Apparently, fantasy characters and boobies play…often times, with each other.

3 1/2) Do not attempt the boobies slant when your characters are 11 year-olds. Can almost hear Chris Hanson saying to me, “Can you explain yourself?”…
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cetriya at 4:29PM, June 12, 2007
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learning how to keep a dead line

and that I realy love doing this but more of a serious hobby then a career^^
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RabbitMaster at 7:28AM, June 13, 2007
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I've learned that my wife is the most amazing woman I've ever known. She encouraged me to pick this back up and has consistently encouraged me to keep going , even when I'm sure she'd rather spend time with me than watch me squint at rabbits on the screen.

I've learned that I am even more of a perfectionist than I thought. I have redrawn more stuff….

I've learned that I am terrible at deadlines. But let's see. I have a wife, 3 kids, a day job, a ministry, two other businesses, political cartoons that are due every week, a house to fix up….I think I sleep every few days. So no wonder.

I've learned bucketloads about Photoshop.

“Perhaps you would care to try your villany on a less defenseless opponent?”–Kung Fu Rabbit
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fern at 11:56AM, June 13, 2007
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What you may find funny may not be funny to others.

I'm pretty someone has already said that.
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JustNoPoint at 12:12PM, June 13, 2007
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Women > Action and explosions.

However I bet Women + Action and explosions would be > Women

Later on I can find out!

Other than that I've learned much more about photoshop and manga studio. And found many drawing shortcuts using these programs.
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Bimbo_Zombie at 11:27PM, June 13, 2007
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Well…all I can say is: Use Drunk Duck! It's the best!

No seriously, I could give you a ten page long list of why I moved my entire comic (trashing the crappy first chapter in the proccess) from Keenspace to Drunk Duck.
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junkyb at 12:01PM, June 22, 2007
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I rediscovered that drawing is fun again(haven't really drawn much of anything for 5+ years). And it's even more fun to share it! I've learned a ton of great techniques from artists here at Drunk Duck, from halftones to text, line quality to filling. But most importantly, I've gained a lot of inspiration and courage from reading other people's work. :)
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