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What is the best way to create panels?
sora blade at 8:27AM, Nov. 22, 2006
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I have just started here and this question might sound stupid, but I am making a Sprite comic and just wondering what would be the best way to create panels.
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warpzone at 10:40AM, Nov. 22, 2006
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The way I make my panels in WARPZONE is by first arranging the scene with background, characters, props, etc. Then I actually draw the border around the scene and cut off any extra material that sticks out past the border. After that, I put in the dialogue boxes. Also, it's generally a good idea to slightly enlarge the images you use to make them easier to see (I enlarge my Mario character sprites by 200% and my Sonic character sprites by 200% if they're SEGA Genesis sprites and 225% if they're GameBoy Advance sprites); and to leave a bit of blank space in between your panels. Panels that are squeezed together often make a spritecomic look tacky.

Generally, I suggest that all cartoonists pay close attention to other cartoons and comic books/strips that they believe to be of high quality and try to match or excel that level of quality. In spritecomics especially, it's always important to try to create a feel of quality since you're simply using copied-and-pasted images and, let's face it, that looks very cheesy. I also suggest to spritecomic cartoonists that they keep their comics as comedies (serious spritecomics simply don't work). Myself, I try to use a sort of old-school Looney Tunes sort of humor for WARPZONE, and I play off of the cheesiness of the artwork frequently. (Such as in an upcoming WARPZONE strip in which Mario discovers a particularly silly new power-up ability).

All-in-all, have fun with your strip! I'm hoping it's a good one!
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