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What is your ideal computer set-up for writing and illustrating an on-line comic?
ozoneocean at 9:36AM, Nov. 2, 2007
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Ugh… I'm looking at getting a new machine now and it's such a pain. :(
High end consumer machines are made for gaming… They're good, but they seem to nowhere near take advantage of available tech. With Vista coming with them generally only being 32 bit so they can't even use 4 gig of ram effectively, especially when other components have ram too. Vista 64 bit apparently has limited support and I didn't see anyone offering it with a system, even work stations

Jebus. Only Apple G5s seem to be the best “off the shelf” package, with up to multiple quad core Xeon intel 64 bit processors, and up to 16 gig or so of ram! They look great and the OS will be fully optimised to take advantage of that super hardware (unlike slowpoke Windows!). But their hard drive capacity is quite limited compared to the gaming PCs, graphics aren't what you can get either apparently, the cost is much more than the sum of the parts, especially when you consider the life of those parts:
From LONG experience, no system hardware is 100% reliable and after a couple of years of hard use things can start to go wrong. With a Mac that's going to be ever so much more expensive and difficult to replace and fix, whereas with an ordinary PC you just take it off the shelf and do it yourself in a few minutes…

So anyway, that's my dilemma: get a high end gaming PC that's really good, at a great price, but no where near as good as it could be; get a custom PC workstation that's great, at a good price, but handicapped by all Vista's limitations; or get a Mac G5 that's mostly excellent (the whole thing, OS included), but at a crap price, and likely to cost more in the long term with less program support than any Windows system… :(
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mlai at 11:10AM, Nov. 2, 2007
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Get the one that costs the least so you can use the savings to get a tablet screen.

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ozoneocean at 5:56AM, Nov. 3, 2007
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Good suggestion Mlai. :)

That'd be a high end gaming system then… (it has to be a big upgrade over what I have now).

Although I don't know how worth it a Cintiq really is considering I'm already very good with a normal tablet… Heh. I'll think on it for a couple more month I think, putt away some more money in the mean time.
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subcultured at 10:06AM, Nov. 3, 2007
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you can game AND do graphics
just like my set up :)
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cartoonprofessor at 4:08PM, Nov. 3, 2007
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Get the one that costs the least so you can use the savings to get a tablet screen.
That would have to be a massive saving.
Here in Oz you have buckleys getting a Cintiq 2nd hand. (They are very heavy so shipping would be expensive and risky.)
I bought mine for $4000…
they should be cheaper at the moment though, considering the exchange rate.
As for support with Macs… my two year-old G5 is getting its logic board checked at an apple centre as we speak. It won't cost me a cent as I've got the apple-care warranty.
And they are actually quite easy to upgrade, one clip and the whole side of the tower comes off.
How big a hard drive do you want? Mine's 250… and can be easily bigger (you can put 750Gb in each slot apparently)
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Memmy at 1:54PM, Nov. 9, 2007
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I use:

webcam to take picture (I know, I'm amazing)
a mouse thats dying
and one dead computer (crashed weeks ago)


So much for my cheap method of venturing into the comicking world.
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Kamoourian King at 12:28PM, Nov. 18, 2007
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Well I hardly use the computer for my comics. It takes too long.
Sketch Book ( I like the smooth paper thats like computer paper)- For I can keep my pages in one place.
Pen and Pencil ( I use any ball point pen)
Crayola colored pencils

But if I were to tone on the colputer I go through Open Canvas.
And I own no tablet. I use a regular mouse and my tuch pad on my lap top <3

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