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What kinds of fonts to use.....or not to use?
Roguehill at 9:02AM, Jan. 30, 2007
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Ok, I'm assuming that most webcomics are using some kind of text. Heck, most are probably using fonts from Blambot! I've heard lots of comments about how folks “hate Comic Sans MS”, which is one of the fonts that I'm using currently in my webcomic.

What sorts of fonts do you use…and why? What makes one font “better” than another?

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silentkitty at 9:51AM, Jan. 30, 2007
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I use DigitalStrip for regular speech bubbles and MightyZeo for narration boxes. They're both pretty unobtrusive and easy to read, which is, to me, an important part of letters in a comic. Comic Sans is a bit distracting just because it's gotten a bad reputation as being overused for pretty much everything outside of the comics world. (I see people coming in with “we'll paint your house” flyers and restaurant menus done in comic sans all the time at work. Argh! No! No!)

Aaaanyhoo. I don't remember the lettering in your comic striking me as odd, so you must be using Comic Sans well, lol.
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Roguehill at 1:05PM, Jan. 30, 2007
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Ah…now I see why it would have that reputation. Thanks for the information, and for the compliment! Of course, I don't have you tell you that your comic is popular and well done…..

..because it is!)

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JillyFoo at 7:02PM, Feb. 2, 2007
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You're using Comic Sans MS in all caps like me. Maybe that's why people don't notice. The repetitive Comic Sans MS is usually not in all caps.
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kyupol at 12:26PM, Feb. 3, 2007
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Verdana - for normal dialogue

Arial - for author-related things…

System - for introduction of places or dialogue through a cell phone or any form of hight tech communication device.

I use other fonts depending on the dialogue of the characters. Its like tryin to determine a color that best suits the character's personality.
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ozoneocean at 5:44PM, Feb. 3, 2007
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Blambot has lots of good free fonts available for not-for-profit comics, (you can pay a small licence fee if you turn pro I believe). I use “Anime Ace” and “Badda Boom” for a lot of my stuff, occasionally I'll use “Armor Piercing”. I uses “Courier New” for titles sometimes too… Courier New is a system font though, so no need to download anything new there, and it can also look quite good as a speech font if used properly.

I thought there was another topic about fonts somewhere?
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subcultured at 5:57PM, Feb. 3, 2007
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“digital strip” is usually the norm for webcomics
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rengori at 2:57AM, Feb. 4, 2007
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Comic Book for text, Seargent Sixpack for sound effects, and various others in case I need to for whatever reason. And I try to avoid Comic Sans.
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skoolmunkee at 1:50AM, Feb. 7, 2007
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I always preferred ACME Explosive (or was it ACME secret agent?) for my normal webcomic text. With WILT I hand-lettered it though, because it matched the crayon and marker look.

I'm considering a lowercase font for my next comic, it seems to send a more low-key reality tone to me. I need to find a good one though, something handwritten which uses lowercase letters, that doesn't look TOO handwritten OR too typed, and also looks good overall. Haha, good luck. :)
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lothar at 4:18AM, Feb. 12, 2007
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i honestly dont know the names of most of the fonts i use Xept for “chasm” thats my fav !
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suzi at 7:10PM, Feb. 12, 2007
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I use a font called “Apple Butter”
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