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What new technology do you want to see in the next decade? Or technology you don't want to see?
Lonnehart at 6:24PM, Dec. 30, 2008
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bravo1102, I want to know why human beings need to be immortal. Especially within the next ten years.

Living a nice, full, long life would be nice, but with the world the way it is now immortality isn't going to improve anything.

On the other hand, we can turn our colonizing thoughts to the stars. If we didn't have to worry about dying we could send ships to other stars without too much worry. And we can send people by the cityload since we don't have to worry about taking generations to build a colony ship and the frustrations you get from living with a few people won't matter much with such big numbers.

Of course, this could backfire… a colony ship could become its own culture/society and they'll decide to create a fleet to invade Earth…
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mlai at 6:40PM, Dec. 30, 2008
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We don't need sex robots. Those are creepy anyways, like making out with a zombie. What you really want is better brain-internet connectivity… because you know what would come out of that… interactive virtual porn.

I want hemp used for paper instead of wood. I want quantum computing. And yeah I would love transporters (specific goals in mind…). And I want net neutrality preserved.

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Faliat at 7:54PM, Dec. 30, 2008
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In the next decade I'd like to see artificial organs that work much better than donated ones. Including wombs specially built for use by transexual women so they feel more like real women and became capable of carrying babies fertilized from donor eggs and sperm. They could also become useful to men who want to have a go and women whose wombs were malformed of incapable of carrying full-term foetuses.

What I DON'T want to see in the next decade is something to succeed blu-ray for at least another two decades. It's been hard enough to keep up with the switch to DVD as it is. And they've been around for at least ten years already!

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Product Placement at 8:34PM, Dec. 30, 2008
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Wombs specially built for use by transsexual women, men who want to have a go and women whose wombs were malformed of incapable of carrying full-term fetuses.

That could be easier said then done. Long before that becomes a possibility the technology would first have to be perfected outside the human body. Yoshinori Kuwabara is working on one at the Juntendou University in Tokyo. He's keeping goat fetuses alive in the embryonic tubs. He removes partially developed fetus from the womb of the goat mother and places it in the tub. Connected to the severed embryonic cord of the fetus are two machines that functions like a placenta. One machine supplies the animal with oxygen and nutrients while the other one cleans the outgoing blood beforehand. So far Kuwabara is only capable of keeping the fetus alive for about two weeks. He does claim however that he will have a working prototype withing few years that can fully develop a human fetus from the beginning to the end without ever needing a host mother.

The hardest thing to replicate is the placenta. You'll need incredibly sophisticated bionic understanding to be able to create a machine that can carry out those functions well. It's a tiny spongy looking thing that carries the task of the digestive system, lungs, liver and kidneys while those organs are still developing inside the baby. Those machines that are replicating the placenta at the moment are not small.

Edit. Ok. This is interesting. Just browsed around to find some new updates: “Kuwabara has already delivered goats from his chamber, and says that his ectogenetic chamber could be ready for a human fetus in the next five years.”

This was written five years ago. Article here.

Here's a picture of the “womb”.
Those were my two cents.
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Deadpool at 10:15PM, Dec. 30, 2008
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Id like to see Servitors in the next decade… Not robots, but the cyberised body of a lobotomised ex-con from death row… They can do menial tasks and… well, whatever you program them to do… It was Warhammer 40k's idea, but it was good…
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